Friday February 25th

We had a super-scientific week again, delving into the Scientific Process and applying it to a range of interesting experiments including eraser launchers, balloon cars, egg protectors, parachutes and more. Students are becoming increasingly confident following the scientific process while they experiment and are building their understanding of the core scientific concepts from our Scope and Sequence. As always, detailed learning outcomes can be found here.

In Mathematics we have continued to explore how to estimate and measure angles and to talk about 2D shapes using terms like acute and obtuse. At the same time students completed their IXL Diagnostic Snapshots which is a helpful assessment tool for reflecting on, and refining, our personalized learning goals. We look forward to sharing these goals with you in the parent conferences during the week commencing 7th March.

In Literacy we have enjoyed continuing to experiment with figurative language and express ourselves in different written forms. Our Read Aloud, Where the Sea Turned Silver, continues to engage and excite and is leading to many wonderful learning opportunities.

Finally, we had a great celebration today with Crazy Hair Day and House Day on the same day!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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