Friday April 22nd

This week we made connections to our last How we express ourselves unit and our new How we organise ourselves unit. We begun planning how our Passions could be run as a business or organisation and thought about how to share our passion with a wider audience using digital technology.

On Thursday we welcomed Mr Manit from the KIS Marketing team who presented about what makes an effective brand. His session really engaged the students and they learnt about how the KIS brand, and specifically its logo, has developed over time. The students then started applying their new understanding to their Passions website plans and redesigned the KIS logo too!

In Maths we wrapped our own inquiry into the coordinate plane system and enjoyed playing some classic games like Battleships and drawing mystery shapes. In Literacy sessions we applied the writing process to different genres to help us write content for our websites.

Next week we will continue inquiring into our new central idea of how Entrepreneurs find success through innovation, planning and resilience. For full detailed planning, please click here.

Have a great weekend!

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