Friday May 6

A short but busy week in G4! We hope you and your family had a lovely couple of holidays this week but we made the most of the days we were in school and packed them with learning!

Students are constantly developing their understanding of understanding of how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. We have been exploring the concept of equivalent fractions and how to find the fraction of a quantity. 

Our Literacy lessons have focussed on adding content to our Passions websites. It’s been a great chance for your child to apply their literacy skills that they have previously learnt to craft exciting homepages and timelines to describe the history of their Passions. We also welcomed Khun Thanachai Sundaravej, from Cloud Publishing, who gave students an engaging insight into the world of illustration.

You will soon be receiving contact from the school office about how to sign up for Student Led Conferences on May 16th. These conferences are led by the student and the teacher is only on hand as technical support. It is effectively a non-school day and you and your child are able to book a one hour timeslot when you can come into their classroom and engage in some learning activities with them. Here are some more details:

Student Conferences:

Student Led Conferences will be taking place Monday 16th May 2022. Further information and sign up schedule will be given nearer the time. Below are a few things to expect.

  • Parents will make an hour appointment on the set schedule and bring in their child for that time only
  • Parents with more than one child can sign up for consecutive hours.
  • Only 2 adults per child
  • Students only come in for their appointed hour and then leave – its a no-school day for them (There will be 4 students each session.)
  • There will be 4 centres in your child’s classroom for parents and students to rotate.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be outside the external classroom door for parents and students
  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • ATKs tests are expected for staff, parents, and students the day before

Have a great weekend!

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