Week commencing 1st March

Lots of sleepy faces in class today which must mean fun weekends! On Thursday the whole KIS faculty met together and discussed Global Citizenship:

KIS Definition of a Global Citizen

KIS believes a Global Citizen values their own and other cultures, espousing the IB Learner Profile attributes while taking principled action with social, political, economic, or environmental issues of local and global importance.

Teachers inquired into what Global Citizenship looks like at KIS and developed many exciting ideas for the future. We hope to see some of them in action soon!

Tomorrow your child will bring home a paper copy of their learning goals for discussion in the Teacher Parent conferences next week. We’ve had a great sign up so far, please contact your homeroom teacher if you have had any trouble finding a convenient conference time on the sign up sheet.

We will also be concluding our Where we are in Place and Time unit over the coming days and students will be sharing their growing understandings of how Civilisations develop over time and continue to have influence throughout time.

In Maths we are continuing our explorations of fractions, decimals and percentages and also investigating the coordinate systems and mapping. In Literacy we will be applying our non fiction informational writing skills while sharing our UOI learning.

As always, detailed learning outcomes can be found here and homework here.

Have a great week!

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Week commencing 22nd February

Last week we deepened our understanding of global geography and mapping while learning to explain the geographical location of a civilisation. We inquired into where and why civilisations began around the world and chose locations for our own invented civilisations too.

In Maths we have been exploring units of time and how to calculate elapsed time at the same time as continuing our inquiries into fractions, decimals and percentages.

We’ve also begun reflecting on our learning goals in preparation for the upcoming parent conferences. Sign up sheets will be shared on the blog tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd February.

As always detailed planning and learning outcomes are here. We have assigned all students one homework activity only, which can be found on Seesaw because this week is a short week and the school will be closed on Thursday and Friday. Have a wonderful long weekend and see you next week!

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Week commencing 15th February

There was a real sense of celebration in school on Friday with so many children dressed in Chinese New Year costumes, and our atrium decked out with tradition Chinese (paper) lanterns. Thank you for your generous donations within the envelopes too!


In class we continued to deepen our conceptual understanding of the relationships between fractions and decimal numbers. Linking to our UOI we are also exploring time and learning to convert between different units of time measurement and how to measure elapsed time.

In literacy we continue to focus on the writing process and applying our understanding of how effective writers use planning, drafting, editing and revising to create finished texts.

Our exploration of civilisations continues with inquiries into how the systems of civilisation are linked, and how these cause civilisations to develop over time and continue to have influence throughout time.

For more details, click here, and our weekly homework can be found here.

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Week commencing February 8th

It’s so great to be back in school and wonderful to see how well children are following the new Covid-19 protocols. The opportunity to socialise and learn together is a real gift and we are appreciating every minute!

Last week we settled back in to life on campus and reflected on what learning behaviours we can bring back in to the classroom. We continued our Maths focus of exploring fractions and decimals, and applied our Maths understanding to our unit of inquiry when beginning to think about timelines of Ancient Civilisations. Learning outcomes can be seen here as always, and homework here.

On Friday 12th February we will be celebrating Chinese New Year and all students are invited to dress in Chinese costume, or to wear red. Have a great week!

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Week commencing February 1st

HOORAY! It’s wonderful to have the great news that the Covid-19 situation is easing and that we are allowed back on campus. We are looking forward to celebrating and building upon all of our remote learning achievements and it will be so much fun to see each other again!

Of course, it is of paramount importance that we all follow the updated guidelines shared in Ms June’s letter. Only by following these guidelines can we remain in school and keep safe and we will be behaving as a caring and inclusive community to remind each other when needed. Please take the time to review the guidelines below:

Primary School Parent Updates – Jan 28

As always, planning can be found here and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Week commencing 25th January

We continue to embrace the KIS core values in every moment, despite the challenges of remote learning. It’s amazing to see how well our caring and inclusive community supports each other; from demonstrating excellent communication skills and enthusiasm during Google Meets, sharing and nurturing our passions in Passion time, to sharing schedules when Google had a meltdown on Friday morning and teachers couldn’t post!

We’ve seen so much wonderful work over the last week:

Made with Padlet

As always, please see this resource planner for the upcoming week:


Week 3 Grade 4 remote learning schedule TEMPLATE MASTER

All our detailed learning outcomes can be found here as usual. Please don’t forget to join our Parent Help Desk on Monday at 1.50pm (Link shared by email), to give us feedback or suggestions or just to hang out for a while and have a chat!


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Week commencing 18th January

We are so impressed with the way Grade 4 students have strived for understanding this week, while showing off all the wonderful attributes of a caring and inclusive community. There really has been a host of high quality learning engagements and productive Google Meets. We have seen a very high level of communication online and the children have obviously really developed their digital and online communication skills through these challenging times.

You will have been seeing lots of wonderful work on your child’s Seesaw journal but we’ve also seen wonderful contributions on shared Padlets like these:

Made with Padlet


Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

As promised, here is the week ahead’s resource planner so your children can get ready for their upcoming lessons and in addition you can find a full breakdown of our learning objectives here.

Week 2 Grade 4 remote learning schedule TEMPLATE MASTER

Please do continue to reach out if you have any concerns, feedback or suggestions at all. We are always available by email and also the Parent Help Desk is a great forum (Every Monday 1.50-2.30pm, zoom link shared by email). As always, we deeply appreciate the efforts you are making at home to support your child and please contact us if you feel your child is asking for more support than you are able to offer.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Week commencing January 11th

Thanks for a great start to remote learning! We had 100% attendance in all Google Meets today and some really good engagement with activities too. Thank you for all the support we know you as parents are giving. Well done everyone!

As you know, next week we will be sharing daily schedules that make the day feel much more like a normal school day. Here is our resource planner for the w/c 11th January. A planner like this will be shared every Friday at 2pm to help your child get prepared for the next week’s lessons:

PDF (2)

Here is an overview of the weekly schedule by class:

Grade 4 Remote schedule – Parent copy Blank white (2)


On Monday at 7.50am the Monday Daily Schedule, showing all learning engagements, Google Meet times, links and success criteria will be shared on your child’s Google Classroom and emailed to all parents. Here is a blank template so you know what to expect!

Grade 4 remote learning schedule TEMPLATE MASTERYou can also find our usual overview of learning outcomes here.

We will all be approaching the week with a growth mindset and supporting your children to become increasingly independent throughout the week. Please encourage them to contact their homeroom teacher and use our FAQ padlet if they are unsure of what to do. Please join our Parent Help Desk Zoom session on Monday at 1.50 (link has been emailed to all parents) if you have any questions at all.

Have a great week!

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Friday 8th January

Friday 8th January 

Good Morning Grade 4! Great day yesterday!

There are activities for you on seesaw and more on your Google Classroom that will be assigned to you at 7:50.

We will be meeting in our homeroom google meets with our homeroom at 10am. See you there! 


Links have been emailed to your child and are also at the top of their Google Classrooms.

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Ready for Thursday 7th January

Well done Grade 4! There are so many wonderful posts on Seesaw and it was great to see nearly the whole grade in our zoom. In addition you were wonderful digital citizens, showing excellent communication skills! Let’s get ready for tomorrow…

Thursday 7th January 

Good Morning Grade 4!

There are 4 activities for you on Seesaw that will be assigned to you at 7:50.  

We will be testing our google meets with our homeroom at 10am. 

Simply log into google classroom and click the google meet link that is under the classroom title.




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