Friday February 25th

We had a super-scientific week again, delving into the Scientific Process and applying it to a range of interesting experiments including eraser launchers, balloon cars, egg protectors, parachutes and more. Students are becoming increasingly confident following the scientific process while they experiment and are building their understanding of the core scientific concepts from our Scope and Sequence. As always, detailed learning outcomes can be found here.

In Mathematics we have continued to explore how to estimate and measure angles and to talk about 2D shapes using terms like acute and obtuse. At the same time students completed their IXL Diagnostic Snapshots which is a helpful assessment tool for reflecting on, and refining, our personalized learning goals. We look forward to sharing these goals with you in the parent conferences during the week commencing 7th March.

In Literacy we have enjoyed continuing to experiment with figurative language and express ourselves in different written forms. Our Read Aloud, Where the Sea Turned Silver, continues to engage and excite and is leading to many wonderful learning opportunities.

Finally, we had a great celebration today with Crazy Hair Day and House Day on the same day!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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February 11

What a lovely week of learning to take us into the February break. Students really enjoyed our Maths dress up day and there was a celebration of Maths throughout the primary school this week.

In UOI sessions we asked students to inquire into how to launch an eraser in different ways as well as experimenting with how far different paper plane designs will travel. Students applied their data collection and recording skills and made strong connections to our measurement learning. In Maths we built upon prior knowledge to explore different types of angle and triangle as well as consolidate our skills of taking accurate measurements with a protractor.

In Literacy we continued to develop our figurative language skills while experimenting with Poetry. We’re looking forward to continuing these learning objectives after the break. We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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February 4th

Although it was a week conducted remotely it was still packed with learning! Students really enjoyed exploring projectile motion with the wonderful PhET simulator. This was a chance to think like a scientist and share ideas to work towards a collective Grade 4 understanding of some of the key scientific concepts involved in this unit including Force, Gravity, Air resistance, Angles and Friction.

This unit continues to offer great crossover to Maths learning and students enjoyed measuring, recording and evaluating how the angle of launch affects the distance the projectile travels. They were also invited to reflect on, and celebrate, their understanding of the four operations by making ‘how to’ videos on Seesaw – check your child’s account to see what they shared. In addition, each student took part in a guided session to help further develop their understanding of their personalised Number Fluency goal. Next week is ‘Maths week’ and we’re looking forward to celebrating Maths in Grade 4. Check out next week’s blog for photos.

The Floating Field: How a Group of Thai Boys Built Their Own Soccer Field  by Scott RileyOn Wednesday we had a real treat with our visiting author, Scott Riley, sharing the beautifully worded and illustrated book The Floating Field. If you’re interested, you can order a personal copy of the book by filling in this form. In our other Literacy sessions we began developing our figurative language skills when writing about how things move.

We look forward to being back in school on Monday! A quick reminder that Thursday 10th February will be a remote learning day. Also, on Friday 11th we will be taking part in a Maths themed dress up day. We are planning a grade level collaboration where each child will dress as a different domino. Your child will need to come to school on Friday dressed in (preferably black) any dark solid colour (matching pants and top). Black is prefered but not essential, any dark solid colour will do. Please email homeroom teachers if you have any questions.

As always, detailed learning outcomes can be found here. Have a great weekend!

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January 28th

***UPDATE Please see the email from the school office regarding the need to return to remote learning. The schedule will be posted, as normal, on the G4 HYBRID classroom on Monday morning. We hope you all stay safe and well and see your children online on Monday. ***

It was so great to be back on campus today and to welcome a few new faces that we haven’t seen for a while. Today we took the opportunity to begin celebrating Chinese New Year a little early and made lanterns as part of a whole school collaborative celebration. Photos to follow next week!

This week we had a disrupted week with some remote learning but we still flexed our Scientific muscles when experimenting with marble runs. This helped students share their developing understanding of how forces and motion interact.

Our Literacy sessions this week focussed on our class read-aloud ‘When the sea turned to silver’. The students are really into this book and are engaging with the story in some really engaging ways.

As always, detailed planning can be found here.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Week commencing 24th January

We got scientific in class this week as part of the Tuning in to our How the World Works unit. On Thursday we explored how a Scientist investigates forces and motion by experimenting with sliding different objects down ramps. This was a wonderful discussion of the Scientific Process and also a great connection to our Mathematics learning outcomes for this unit. We also explored the key concepts and key vocabulary of our unit. All these outcomes can be found here as always.

During the Literacy sessions we have taken the time to do our Term 2 narrative writing assessment. We used our reading sessions to continue to reflect on the features of nonfiction texts and to think about how we conduct scientific research.

***Updated Information*** Next Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th-26th January will be whole school remote learning days to allow teachers to receive their vaccination boosters. Your child can access the remote learning in the usual way, on the Google Classroom at 7.50am. In addition Grade 4 will be on remote learning due to the positive case in the Grade. Please check the communications from the School Office for more information.

Have a great weekend!

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Week commencing January 17

Welcome back to school after the festive break! We really enjoyed seeing so many children on campus and look forward to welcoming even more students back soon. Thank you for your patience as we develop and refine the remote learning schedule for any students who are staying at home. 

This week we reviewed our on campus essential agreements and had a really fun time. In Math we did some reflecting on our Number fluency and began to set our personalized learning goals. During our integrated UOI and Literacy sessions students applied the skills they learnt before the break when researching and creating Timelines of plastic. They also wrote non fiction texts to share the same information, demonstrating their understanding of nonfiction text features.

Next week we will start our new How the World Works unit. Full detailed planning can be found here as always.

Have a great weekend!


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Week commencing January 10 2022!

Thank you all so much for your support over our first term. It has been a real pleasure for us to get to know your children, especially while we have been able to be back on campus. We are all looking forward to returning to campus together in January! Please remember that the first 2 days of term (January 10 and 11) will be a staggered start and your child will be on campus only one of those days. Please keep an eye out for an email from the school office to tell you which day your child will be on campus.

As an early Christmas present, here is the Holiday Celebration website for you to enjoy!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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Week commencing 13th December

As we gear up for the End of year break we have been taking the time to reinforce our caring and inclusive community while creating some beautiful hanging ornaments for our tree. The students expressed their hopes and visions for the future by predicting a future innovation to make the world a better place. 

You can also help create a caring community too by taking part in this year’s Christmas gift donation drive:

2021 Holiday Gift Giving Poster.pptx

In Maths we have continued to explore elapsed time and the skills required to convert between different units of time. We have applied these skills to our timelines.

In Literacy we have been applying all our nonfiction skills to write engaging nonfiction texts with titles like “How has my innovation changed over time?” and “How has my innovation influenced Society?”.

We have shared with the parent reps details about our planned end of year celebrations on campus during Tuesday and Thursday next week. Children are also invited to wear party clothes on these days.

As always, detailed learning objectives are here and resources for next week here:

Resources page November 29 (2)

Have a great weekend!


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Week commencing 6th December

Wednesday was a great celebration of enthusiasm and passion for all things sporty. We really enjoyed seeing the students engage with the live sports sessions with the PE team and don’t forget to check out the Padlets to see the creative videos many children shared. The final scoring was really close but Erawan came out on top! 

Screen Shot 2564-12-02 at 09.15.41

In class this week we have been developing our timelines to demonstrate our understanding of how innovations change over time. This has required research skills, Maths skills and nonfiction writing skills – a really great example of transdisciplinary learning. We have also expressed our understanding of our class read aloud Where the Mountain Meets the Moon through timelines.

Students have applied their nonfiction writing skills to create texts titled ‘How has this innovation changed over time?’ alongside ‘How has this innovation influenced society?’

As always, full learning outcomes and the resources for next week can be found here. Please don’t forget that it is a school holiday on Monday in memory of H.M. the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej .

Resources page November 29 (1)

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Week commencing November 29

During this week we’ve inquired into how timelines work. Group 1 students finished creating their toilet paper timelines and everyone learnt how to create a scaled timeline by hand. We connected to our Unit of inquiry by researching how some innovations have changed over time, including things with wheels and Children’s games.

We were hands-on again when we asked students to create an accurate clock face. We saw some really interesting connections to fractions and degrees as a unit of measurement as the children worked together to make their clocks.

Your child has also spent some time reflecting on their Grade 4 learning journey and compiling a digital portfolio of ‘wow moments’ from their year so far. It’s been a really good opportunity to reflect on learning goals and adjust them where necessary.

Here is a message from Ms Alex:

“Virtual Parent Book Club 2021 

Upon parent request, Ms. Alex will be running another Parent Book Club this school year. The Book Club will be virtual, and open to all. In order to gather information regarding parent interest and availability, Ms. Alex would like to ask parents to fill out a Google Form (link here). If you are interested in joining the Virtual Parent Book Club this year, please fill this form out by November 26th.”

As always, learning outcomes can be found here along with the resources for next week’s specialist lessons:

Resources page November 29

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