Happy holidays!

What a way to sign of from 2017 with a performance the King of Rock and Roll would have been proud of! As always a huge thank you to all the parents who helped out with costumes and Elvis hair – there was a lot of gel in Grade 5 today! The children really enjoyed the process and it was lovely to see the commitment to playing and singing and the risk taking of performing on stage.

It’s been a busy week with the students busily putting finishing touches to their summative presentations for Unit 3 including slideshows, mini books and maps, constitutions and currency for new countries with progressive systems of government.

Thanks also for all the work that went into the Christmas party and a huge thank you from the whole Grade 5 teaching team for the wonderful presents. Around the school students have also been reflecting about how to thank the support staff for their hard work, including maids, security staff and the gardener. We hope that you have a restful, relaxing, reflective and joyful winter break and we look forward to seeing you all back at school on January 8th!

Ho ho ho from the Grade 5 team.


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Last week of term

Another week and another fabulous guest speaker! A huge thank you to Ms Pan who came to talk to Grade 5 about how Government systems influence the lives of citizens, sharing some valuable insight from her diplomatic role at the ministry of Foreign Affairs and her involvement in UN negotiations and operations. As with all our previous speakers it was a great chance for the students to make connections between the central idea and lines of inquiry and a primary source of research.

Over the coming week we will be following the process of gathering data, recording data, interpreting data and finally presenting data to share our enduring understandings from this unit. We are really excited to see how the students are building the independent research skills that will be so important during our exhibition in unit 5.

In Maths next week we will carry out summative tasks to assess the progress we have made in relation to our learning objectives of how Geometric tools and methods can be used to solve problems relating to shape and space. Once again we had very powerful links with the ICT department and saw first hand how integral the mathematics principles we have been learning are to coding and robotics. The Hour of Code was a wonderful experience for the whole school and Grade 5 showed passion and enthusiasm for all the learning engagements.

Preparations are busily underway for both our class Christmas party and the Christmas performances. Many thanks to all the parental support with costumes, decoration, food and more, it certainly couldn’t happen without you. A reminder of the dates:

  • Class party, December 14th 12.30-2.30
  • G3-G5 Christmas concert, December 15th 10.30-11.30am
  • School closes at 11.30am on Friday December 15th

Have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

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December 4th

Last week we had another guest speaker, this time it was Ms June who talked to G5 about the systems of governance at KIS. The depth of learning in this unit was clear to see by the range of questions the students had and some powerful connections were made between her presentation and that of Muffin’s dad last week. We also experienced first hand what it feels like to run a government and explored our second line of inquiry the impact of governance on societies and individuals with an exciting and challenging popcorn themed provocation. We saw all our related concepts on display including power, togetherness, rights and responsibilities and of course, conflict!

During the coming week we will be exploring our third line of inquiry, the rights and responsibilities of citizens. It’s a good chance to connect to our local community – what are the rights and responsibilities of a KIS citizen?

It was wonderful to see so many parents here for the PYP award ceremony on Monday and a real pleasure to see how supportive and empathetic the Grade 5 learners were when they found out who was awarded certificates this time around. As always, the learner profile is involved in everything we do at KIS and in the context of our current unit it is very interesting to think about what learner profile attitudes we need to show to be good citizens and leaders.

Once again you can check the weekly schedule for a full breakdown of Maths and Language Arts objectives for the coming week. Within Maths in the homeroom we will move on from exploring angles to inquiring into the use of coordinates. Mr Eric will build upon the students’ angles skills as part of the Hour of Code on Thursday and Friday.

In Language Arts we have been choosing how to present our learning from this unit and we will be incorporating all our recently learned skills of gathering data, recording data, interpreting data and finally presenting data in engaging and innovative ways.

Don’t forget that school will be closed on December 5th. Happy Father’s day!


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27 November

We were so lucky on Friday to get a visit from Muffin’s dad, Mr Visnu Tivatansakul, who delivered an engaging and very informative presentation about the systems of government in Thailand. His presentation gave a valuable insight into the aims and goals that the Thai government has set for the development of the country and also linked powerfully to our current Maths strand of data handling through the charts and graphs he presented. Ask your children to tell you all about it.

Our explorations into the different systems of governance have continued through the week and have been well supported by the homework. Students have conducted some powerful research into different leaders around the world and are developing their skills of interpreting data from graphs and charts showing the effects of different governments of citizens around the world.

Students have been busy in the ICT lab with Mr Eric, learning more about coding. Aside from being a great skill to learn for the future coding gives a chance for students to practise their team working skills, communication and problem solving approaches.

Over the next week we will continue our explorations of data handling through our unit of inquiry whilst simultaneously engaging in activities to further explore how Geometric tools and methods can be used to solve problems relating to shape and space. Please check the weekly schedule for more information on learning intentions and assessment indicators as well as key vocabulary lists that can be used to support your child’s learning at home.

This week your children will be engaging in provocations to explore our second line of inquiry The impact of governance on societies and individuals. Please support their learning at home by engaging in discussions of current news around the world such as the ongoing change of government in Zimbabwe.

Finally, to help get you in the spirit for the festive season, please come and join in with parents and students who will be busily creating an array of beautiful decorations with the help of our Visual Arts teacher Ms Daisy. They will be in the primary atrium on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 2.30, hope to see you there!

Have a great week.

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Government systems

In the coming week we will begin to unpick our new central idea by exploring our first two lines of inquiry. Having used a range of online resources and our wonderful library to learn more about Different systems of governance students will engage in some challenging classroom provocations to explore The impact of governance on societies and individuals.

Our reading skills focus is how Synthesizing ideas and information from texts leads to new ideas and understanding and as the unit progresses we will assess their developing ability to Locate, access, organize and synthesize information from a variety of sources, Use a dictionary and glossary for word meanings and Use a range of resources to find information and support their inquiries. In addition to our weekly home learning you can support and develop your child’s conceptual understandings by discussing current events around the world that are connected to our central idea. Mr Trump is usually up to something worth talking about!

In Maths we will be continuing to Describe lines and angles using geometric vocabulary. While exploring the patterns of angles in 2D shapes students will consolidate their skills of Measuring and constructing angles using 180 and 360 protractors. As always, you can find the key vocabulary for this strand on the weekly schedule posted outside the G5 pod for further exploration at home.

Have a wonderful week.


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Wow, what an amazing experience it was to be part of the DCC. All the Grade 5 learners seem to have carried an enduring memory from the 3 days and it was truly wonderful to see the level of cooperation, communication and empathy shown by Grade 5 and 7 during the building and the competition. Don’t forget that you can read more about it, as well as seeing a stack of photos on the DCC website.

In Maths this week we begin our new strand with the learning intention Geometric tools and methods can be used to solve problems relating to shape and space. As always the weekly schedule with a full breakdown of the success criteria and assessment indicators we use in our planning has been posted outside the G5 lift on the 4th floor. During this unit we will also be collaborating with Mr Eric as part of the ‘Hour of Code’ and using our new found knowledge of using the language and notation of bearing to describe direction and position when we programme and control some robots to do our evil bidding!

This week we are spending some time with final reflections on our 2nd UOI. We are also starting our new unit Government systems influence the lives of citizens with an early exploration of well known leaders and the government systems they operate in. This unit is a great chance to fully integrate our second strand of Maths that is Data Handling. Throughout the unit we will learn to effectively interpret data from graphs including infographics, pie charts, bar graphs and more to learn more about the effects of different government systems on the citizens in those countries.

Our Language Arts focus in reading and writing will be to combine our recently developed skills of finding information in non-fiction texts to build on what we know and reflect on different perspectives and express new ideas.

Have a great week!

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Glug glug glug

A quick reminder that the DCC starts tomorrow. More information can be found on the dedicated website, including regularly updated photos under the ‘Home’ tab so that you can keep in touch with what is going on.

Thank you to all the parents who visited the Grade 5 Energy Museum today. As we discussed, this unit has been great preparation for the exhibition later in the year. Nerves were jangling as last minute finishing touches were applied to models and many of the groups would have loved to have a bit more time, but they did a fantastic job when presenting to their peers and parents. Thank you for taking part in the feedback process, which will be used to help improve their presentations for this unit and used as a great starting point when exhibition time comes around. Enjoy the photos!

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Ready, steady, build!

Dear parents,

It was lovely to see you at the briefing for our 2018 residential trip this morning. The session shared some really useful information about:

  • Medical matters
  • Timelines for permissions slips
  • Planned activities for the trip
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Travel

If you were unable to attend please read the Grade 5 Residential Letter sent home today and speak to a parent who was here to find out some more. Of course if there is anything you are unsure about do not hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Don’t forget that the Design Cycle Challenge will be taking place this week Wed 8th – Fri 10th with MYP teachers and Grade 7 students. Grade 5 will have NO special classes these days, but swimming clothes must be brought each day as students (and teachers) may be getting in the pool as part of the challenge. An SMS with more information has gone home but again, please get in touch if you are not sure about anything. On Wednesday morning we will share with you the DCC website, via a new blog post, so that you can find out more about the event and see up to the minute photos of the watery goings on.

Thank you to all the parents who helped make Grade 5 Halloween such a success on Friday. The whole primary school had a wonderful time and although Grade 5 were pretty tired by the end of the day it was a really rewarding experience all round. The empathy and care that many of the students showed especially with the younger learners was inspiring to see. It was also great preparation for the exhibition later in the year.

A quick reminder that on Tuesday this week your child will be completing an assessment for our current Maths unit as detailed in last week’s post. Next week we will be starting a new unit and a new Maths strand – full details to follow on Monday.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the Grade 5 classrooms tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday 7th November, at 2pm to visit the ‘Grade 5 Energy Museum’. See you there!

Have a great week!


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Happy Loy Krathong and Halloween!

Another busy and eventful week in Grade 5 as we get ready to host a ghoulish array of Halloween fun and crafts on Friday (thank you for all the help at home). In addition the school will be celebrating Loy Krathong on Thursday 2 November – everyone is invited to wear traditional Thai costume on that day and we will be taking part in traditional Thai games and learning more about the cultural background of the festival during Thai and TAL class.

Next week Wed 8th – Fri 10th is the special DCC (Design Cycle Challenge) with MYP teachers and Grade 7 students. Grade 5 will have NO special classes these days, but swimming clothes must be brought each day as students (and teachers) may be getting in the pool as part of the challenge. You have been warned! The DCC is another building block towards our Exhibition – challenging your children to learn, communicate and create in mixed groups as well as being a whole lot of fun. We can’t wait.

Homework issued today looks a little different than usual and is due next Tuesday 7th November. There will be no additional homework issued next week because of the commitment of time to the DCC.

During this week and the start of next week we will continue our learning journey around how the Accuracy of measurements depends on the situation and the precision of the tool and how Conversion of units and measurements allows us to make sense of the world we live in. Students will engage in activities (supported by this week’s homework) designed to consolidate their learning in preparation for the summative task on Tuesday November 7th. A reminder that the learning objectives covered in this Maths unit have been to:

  • develop procedures for finding area, perimeter and volume
  • calculate the area of a right-angled triangle
  • connect decimal representations to the metric system
  • convert between common metric units of length, mass and capacity
  • solve problems involving the comparison of lengths and areas using appropriate units
  • recognize measurements between imperial units and metric units
  • connect volume and capacity and their units of measurement

On the same day we cordially invite all parents to arrive a little early for pick up and spend some time visiting the ‘Grade 5 Energy Museum’. Please arrive at 2pm and prepare to be amazed at the depth of knowledge. It should be a great example of how the research skills students have developed by Grade 5 combined with an exciting and engaging array of presentation skills help students to share their learning. We have been lucky enough to visit Sunny Bangchak Solar Power plant during this unit and to host a visit from Dr Roppon Picha of the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology. Some really rich learning experiences.

We look forward to seeing many of you there!

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Lots going on!

This week we will be visiting Sunny Bangchak Solar Plant as part of our explorations into ‘Different forms of Energy’ and the ‘Transformation of Energy’. Thank you for supporting your child’s thinking as they generate pre trip questions for their homework task. The arrangements are much the same as for our Madame Tussaud’s trip with an 8am departure from school and a 1.30pm return. So drop off and pick up just like a normal school day (although there will be no swimming). Please provide a packed snack and lunch for your child if they are not on the prepaid lunch programme.

In class sessions Grade 5 are busily collaborating on their research groups. Teamwork is becoming an important aspect as each group is engaged in research with books and online resources, conducting some experiments and designing and creating their final exhibit. The levels of communication and independence required are great preparation for our Exhibition later in the year. We are also seeing a powerful example of how Language Arts integrates into units through research skills and the skill of summarizing information in our own words.

We have also been spending time in the Maker Space with Mr Eric inquiring into electronics with Augmented Reality and taking apart appliances such as kettles, DVD players and calculators to see what goes on inside.

In Maths this week we continue our exploration of how Conversion of units and measurements allows us to make sense of the world we live in. Grade 5 students are consolidating their understanding of the connections between volume and capacity and their units of measurement and solving problems involving conversion between common metric units of length, mass and capacity.

Thank you all again for your involvement in the parent conferences. It is wonderful to be part of such meaningful dialogues between teacher and parent in support of your child’s learning and ongoing development.

This has been a reflective week in school as we pay our respects to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. A reminder that this Friday 20th October is the last day of term. We hope your holidays bring you rest and relaxation and we look forward to seeing you all back in school on October 31st for a week of Halloween fun!

A date to put in your diaries is the ‘Design Cycle Challenge’ that will happen on November 8th -10th. Grade 5 will go off timetable and follow the secondary timetable so they can collaborate with secondary learners on an engaging and creative team challenge. More details nearer the time.

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