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First of all, a reminder that on Friday 18th January at 8am you are all invited to the Coffee Morning in the AP room. The agenda will include the following, and we will post all pertinent information on the blog for those who cannot attend.

  • How to support your child during the Exhibition unit of inquiry
  • The Residential trip updates
  • Bringing in a personal device to support learning during the Exhibition (hosted by Dr Puk)

As you can see, in Maths we have been using various manipulatives such as  Numicon and Lego to explore how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. When building understandings of Mathematical concepts it is very useful to explore different mediums and approach the problems from different points of view. Please encourage your child to use drawings and manipulatives (they can get really creative with what they use) at home to develop their understandings them while they are doing homework.

In writing we are applying our skills of planning, organising and completing writing projects of increasing length and complexity to share our research into the UN Sustainable Goals. We have also invited students to pick an inspirational hero and share their story through the form of an article that will sustain the interest of the reader.

See you on Friday!

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