UN and more…

We will keep it brief today at there is so much more to come soon. First of all, the trip to the UN was amazing, such an inspiring and thought provoking opportunity!

It was so much fun at the UN that we stayed longer than planned and had to make some last minute lunch arrangements in the PYP atrium. It was great to see Mai and Finna take opportunistic action to recycle our plastic lunch boxes when we returned and they were joined by many helpful hands!  Next step is for them to work out what to do with them… Action is an important part of the exhibition and can take many forms – from carefully planned large scale initiatives to spur of the moment things. Even smiling at someone, giving them a compliment, or asking a thought provoking question can make a huge difference. Have you taken action today?!

Today Grade 5 were busy identifying their exhibition passions and justifying their choices. This week students will get into their groups and start the first steps of this exciting journey! Lots of learning to come.

A quick reminder that during the exhibition all specialist lessons will continue as normal, with PE and swimming on their normal days unless otherwise advised.

Have a great week!

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