A breath of fresh air

Great to be back in school and to see the air quality has improved. It was also nice to see how committed the students were to their home learning activities, thank you all for your support with that.

It was obviously a short week last week and a shame that the groups didn’t have longer to speak and plan together before the enforced school closure. Of course, the students have been in their groups today and will continue to Tune In to their inquiries throughout the week. With teacher support they will begin to formulate Lines of Inquiry and make plans. Remember that all groups and all individuals will move at different paces so don’t worry if your child’s group gets off to a slow start!

We look forward to seeing you all in school this week for 3 way conferences. It’s a great chance to see how your child has ownership of their learning and a wonderful opportunity to further develop the feedback loop between students, teachers and parents that really¬†supports their progression.

Have a great week!

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