Sports and PYPX

A wonderful display of house spirit today at the Grade 5 Steal the Bacon and Benchball competitions. The results were close and it all went right down to the wire, leaving a nail biting prospect for the Track and Field events on the field on Wednesday 10-11.20am. Don’t forget you are welcome to come and support your child and cheer on all the competitors. See you there (with your House T-shirt, sunscreen, hat and water bottle!)

Of course all the students are beavering away at their PYPX inquiries. Groups are beginning to move forward with their Lines of Inquiry and have identified a range of research questions to engage themselves on. Please remember that all inquiries move forward at different paces and your child’s group will also have ups and downs in the process. At times they might feel like their are being challenged (or even failing) but every moment of this process is a learning opportunity. Don’t hesitate to email your child’s homeroom teacher if you are unsure or want some advice how to support your child at home.

It has been great to see you all at the 3 way conferences. It’s such an important part of the year and the perfect chance for a discussion on the nature of responsibility and to see how the students, with the support of teachers and parents, are becoming increasingly responsible for their ongoing development.

Don’t forget that this is a short week – the school is closed on Thursday (while all the teachers can take part in some exciting Professional Development opportunities), and Friday is a holiday too! Have a great long weekend. Because it’s such a short week we aren’t issuing our usual homework and your child should instead be taking this opportunity to focus on their individual exhibition tasks and deadlines.

Have a great week!

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