Trip of a lifetime…

…it most certainly was! It was so exciting to be part of an experience that combined taking responsibility and taking risks, from packing bags and thinking about safety and survival, to climbing ladders and starting fires this trip had it all. We hope you enjoyed it from a safe distance!

As you know, all the photos are available on the SEA blog and students have been invited to share any photos taken on a personal device so that they can be added to a google drive folder for all to see.

Back in class it took half a day to get back to the business at hand: our exhibition inquiries. Hopefully you are starting to have increasingly powerful conversations with your child at home. Your child should be familiar with their Lines of Inquiry and be able to tell you about HOW they are inquiring and WHAT they are finding out.

As part of homework over the coming weeks we will provide some prompts for the students. Your child might be ahead of the tasks we suggest or have fallen behind but the homework sheet can be used as an optional scaffold for your child’s inquiry. This week’s focus is on Primary research sources (as opposed to Secondary, or Second-hand) and the prompts remind children to think about the following:

  • Have you contacted an expert to interview?
  • Have you conducted a survey or an experiment?
  • Have you organised a field trip?

A combination of First-hand and Second-hand research is essential to help form a balanced and informed understanding of inquires before choosing how to take meaningful action. Feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you are unsure about how to support your child with their inquiry.

Have a great week!

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