22nd- 26th March

Looking back and forward!

Last week was spent primarily on reflecting on Exhibition. Not only, what was learnt about our subject but most importantly what was learnt about ourselves as learners. Assessing those aspects of exhibition that were really successful and those which we could improve on.

To help us do this we would still love more feedback and questions on our padlets. Please see the links below.

Padlet Links


G5 B

G5 C

We also started our new unit based on Governance.


Measurement using different standard units including those used for length, capacity and weight is our current Mathmatical focus.


This is linked to our unit and will feature an investigation into rules and policies.


Swimming will now take place weekly. Pease remind the students to bring the necessary equipment. For more information see the letter here.

Grade 5 Parent Conferences

These will take place  via zoom on the

30th March – G5A

31st March- G5B

1st April – G5C

A sign up sheet will be sent out today Monday 22nd March, as will your child’s goals, please discuss these with your child and sign up for your correct day.  We look forward to meeting with you to discuss your child’s learning.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Grade 5 Team

Mrs Carole carole.pa@edu.kis.ac.th

Mrs Rachel rachello@edu.kis.ac.th

Mr Nic nicholasm@edu.kis.ac.th

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