Week 29th-2nd April part 2

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End of Term 2

Time is rushing by in Grade 5. Term 2 is at an end, it has been a busy, long but very productive term. With exhibition being the focal point of this term it is easy to forget all the other great things which have happened. Check out the photos below to see if you can remember them.

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UOI- Governance

The students are now deep into their inquiries of how goverment systems are organised across the world. This week has focussed on democracy, how democratic governments are selected, the decisions that are made and where these systems might appear around the world. We will be continuing with this unit after the break, looking into other forms of government.


The students have been investigating measurement and applying these skills to real life tasks. A study of coordinates  has been linked to the unit.


Literacy  has been linked to the unit as the students investigated manifestos and created their own.


Please read Ms June’s letter about swimming.

Parent Conferences

Thank you very much for attending these on the zoom platform this week. We hope that you found them informative and that you gained from the experience in both discussing your child’s goals with them and with your child’s teacher.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Grade 5 Team

Mrs Carole carole.pa@edu.kis.ac.th

Mrs Rachel rachello@edu.kis.ac.th

Mr Nic nicholasm@edu.kis.ac.th

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