Term 3. Week 19th-23rd April

Welcome back to Term 3 

Remote learning schedule

Things you will need

Weekly schedule

We hope that you all had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Due to the rise in cases of Covid 19 the start of term 3 will take place online.

Monday 19th April– Students to set up a learning centre. Please remember that this should be somewhere quiet where you can focus with room to use both a computer and write/ draw on paper. Try to organise to work on a laptop or desktop computer, remember the problems that some of you had trying to use an ipad in January for the tasks you were given.

Your tasks  for today include the IXL measurement  activities you started last term. You may also visit Ms Lindsay’s Library blog for activities. Read, read and more reading.

Also check out your classroom for messages from your teachers

Tuesday 20th April – all classes including specialists will start as usual online. Please look out for the daily planner with links for the rest of the week.

Resource Bags

These are now ready to be picked up from the carpark today.

Parent Meetings

These will start next Wednesday 28th April at 10.30. A zoom link will be sent to you. If however you have any questions please use the emails below and contact your class teacher directly.

Welcoming Treasure

We welcome Treasure to G5B we hope that we can all meet her in person soon.

Square Simple

Thank you for your continued support.

The Grade 5 Team

Mrs Carole carole.pa@edu.kis.ac.th

Mrs Rachel rachello@edu.kis.ac.th

Mr Nic nicholasm@edu.kis.ac.th

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