Week 26th- 30th April

 Parent meeting Friday 30th at 9am with Ms June

Weekly Planner 26.04.21

What you will need for the week ahead 26.04.21


What a great start!

We might be learning remotely but Grade 5 have shown their adaptability once again and had a great week 1 of Term 3.

Earth Day

The highlight of the week has been the student’s interest in Earth day, taking action including creating thought provoking poems, designing images and adapting their lifestyles to improve the world. Have a look through the pictures here and through the student’s Padlet to get an idea of all of the different ways the students have become involved.

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The students have been finishing off their unit on measurement all ready to begin their next invbestigation into Geometry.


The studen’s are now well on their way with their models depicting two government systems. There have also been working on the research need to complete their slideshows on these governmental systems. Both are due on Friday 30th of this week.

Resource Bags

Thank you for picking these up so quickly.

Parent Meetings

These will start this Wednesday 28th April at 10.30. A zoom link will be sent to you.

If however you have any questions before that time please use the emails below and contact your class teacher directly.

Welcoming Treasure

We welcome Treasure to G5B we hope that we can all meet her in person soon.

Square Simple

Thank you for your continued support.

The Grade 5 Team

Mrs Carole carole.pa@edu.kis.ac.th

Mrs Rachel rachello@edu.kis.ac.th

Mr Nic nicholasm@edu.kis.ac.th

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