3rd – 7th May

Weekly Planner 5th-7th May

What you will need for the week ahead 5th-7th May


School is on holiday on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th May. We hope that you have a safe and relaxing time.

Grade 10 Guests

Grade 10

G5A were so lucky this week to have four Grade 10 students visit the class meeting room to share their knowledge on Climate change, plastic pollution and recycling.  The Grade 5 student’s feedback included

“I like their slides and how they explained, it was clear and simple to understand, they must have spent so much time on research. They did amazing, I’m inspired.”

“I think they were very passionate about what they were talking about. I think it was very clear that they researched this topic.”

Whereas the Grade 10’s reflections were equally as complimentary

“But, the best part of our project was being able to have a meeting with Grade 5 students in PYP and teach them about climate change, its causes, effects and solutions we can provide. We also taught them how to recycle some objects at home and they asked us astounding unexpected questions on the issue.”

We hope to have more meetings like this in the future.


The governance unit completed this week with the students all turning in their slideshows, model pictures and their rubrics.

Our new unit based on the transdisciplinary theme of How we express ourselves and identity will start on Wednesday 5th May. the central idea is

Changes people experience affect their sense of self.

This unit will focus on rights of passage ceremonies, online identities and the transition from PYP to MYP.


The students are continuing their investigation into different types of poetical structure and next week will begin a mini study of a particular poet with the help of Ms Lindsay.


The student’s are continuing their learning of geometric shapes with a focussed study on the language of shape.

Library Book Reservations

Here’s the link for next week’s library book reservations:
The Google Form is embedded at the top of this page.
Just to let you know that all books are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized upon check in. Library staff are diligent with all safeguarding procedures such as mask wearing, hand washing, and hand sanitizing.
With proper cleaning of materials, the risk of transmission on surfaces is low. You can read more here from the CDC.

Parent Meetings

Thank you for all of you who attended the meeting on Wednesday. Another meeting will take place on 5th May at 10.30. A zoom link will be sent to you.

If however you have any questions before that time please use the emails below and contact your class teacher directly.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Grade 5 Team

Mrs Carole carole.pa@edu.kis.ac.th

Mrs Rachel rachello@edu.kis.ac.th

Mr Nic nicholasm@edu.kis.ac.th

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