Welcome back

Mr Nic, Mr Martyn and I, Mrs Carole are so looking forward to welcoming your children to Grade 5 next Tuesday, 10th August 2021. Mr Martyn is new to our school, originally from New Zealand, he has been working in international schools all over the world. It will be great to get to know him. I know he is really looking forward to meeting everyone. 

Getting to know our community

The first few weeks of term will be focused on getting to know each other. Finding out what are the best ways that we learn as individuals and in our new classes. We are looking forward to getting to know both your children and yourselves in the coming weeks and will be creating individual meeting times which you are welcome to attend with your children.

Google classroom

We will mainly be using google classroom for our daily tasks and meets. Your child will get an invite to this over the next couple of days to their school email so please ask them to check their school email accounts. We expect all students to take a responsible attitude to working online and to respect each other. We will be asking students to keep their cameras on when in a meeting or in a class with any of their teachers, to use their own names and to have their own photo as their icon. This will make it much easier for teachers and their peers to instantly recognise them during face to face sessions. 

Being prepared

We are asking for your help to ensure that the students are ready for the 7.50am video and 8.00am meets by being dressed appropriately, this can be in school uniform, house t-shirts or in an appropriate sensible top, that they have eaten breakfast and that they are prepared for the day’s events. We will be talking to them about this on Tuesday but we would appreciate it if you could discuss this with your child before the beginning of the school year.


The weekly planner will be sent out every Friday as will the ‘What you need for learning’ doc for the following week. However, next week’s planner will be sent on Monday 9th. Parent meetings will take place every week and will start the week of 15th August the zoom link, time and day will be sent out to parents next Friday.

Learning Resources

The first few days will be all about having fun, getting to know each other and understanding the platforms we will be using online. Therefore the learning packs will not be sent home until 27th August. If your child could however make sure that they have something to write with and on and preferably have a whiteboard and a pen that will be great. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on the emails below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


The Grade 5 Team

G5A Carole Parker carole.pa@edu.kis.ac.th

G5B Martyn Svendsen martyn.sv@kis.ac.th

G5C Nic Monnin nicholas.mo@kis.ac.th 

Ms Kaew, Ms Ning, Ms Pinn


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