1st October

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Unit of inquiry

Government systems I used to think but now I think

A new unit of inquiry was started this week, based upon the transdisciplinary theme of Where we are in place and time, with a focus on human migration. As a provocation, the students have been looking into their personal histories to find out about the migration of their family members. Continuing on from this, the students will be looking into the main reasons why people migrate.

rayshaun help by painting

Please see the image above to find out how one Grade 5 boy is choosing to take action, please help if you can.


What are diaries

This week the students have been creating their own checklist for the elements which should be contained within a diary text. Using this they then wrote a diary about an important event in their lives. Next week they will be investigating the different elements of figurative language which could help them to add detail to their writing of these events.


Screenshot 2564-09-27 at 09.18.52 Numeracy - Looking distance and length relative to things around us Decimal Metric Unit Conversions of Length using a Mnemonic

The students have been consolidating their understanding of how to convert one standard unit to another when solving problems associated with distance. Next week they will apply these skills to the areas of mass and capacity.

A wonderful opportunity

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