5th November

Parent Planner G5 Weekly Blue Planner November 8th-12th (2)

G5 What I Need For Next Week 8th November 2021

Timetable Hybrid (1)

As we will be teaching live there will not be a weekly meeting for parents.

We are all very excited and eager to welcome many of the Grade 5 students back on Campus next week.

Group 1 students – Monday and Tuesday starting at 7.30 am, picked up at 2.00pm

Groups 2 students – Thursday and Friday starting at 7.30 am, picked up at 2.00pm

Group 3 students who will be working remotely all week.

The students have been requested to bring certain items from home when they are in school. These will be brought back home on a daily basis but should have their names on them. Please see the list below.

  • A reasonable sized backpack to fit into cubbies
  • A pencil case with supplies (we will provide the usual supplies but the less sharing needed the better)
  • Personal water Bottle
  • Spare masks
  • Lunch/snack if choosing this option
  • Utensils, spoon/fork (optional)
  • Whiteboard and pen.
  • Exercise books Literacy, Numeracy and UOI

Ms Amanda the art teacher would also like the the students to return their art sketchbooks on the first day they return to campus so that she can catch up with their art so far this term.

Unit of inquiry

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We were very lucky this week to have a presentation by Ms Koong in which she told us about her time working in a refugee camp helping refugees to learn to speak English before they departed Thailand for other countries. The children were really engaged and asked some excellent questions.

They have also written some in depth and thoughtful questions for two students in Grade 9, Haddsa and Stalone who are helping us with our investigations. We thank both the students and Ms Koong for giving up their time to help us understand the issue of migration.

The students will continue this week to investigate the cultural  impacts which an influx of  immigrants could have on the community they have entered.


Having completed their three diary extracts the students are going to be investigating a way to present these to the rest of their classes. Researching play scripts, newscasts and puppet shows may even be mentioned.


The students will move on next week from refining their addition and subtraction skills using word problems to a study of multiplication and division including the use of factors.

School Counselor Ms Alex

Please take a look at the Ms Alex’s (Counselor) blog it has some really interesting reports on how you can help your child when working online and also with the upcoming return to campus.Counselor’s Blog

If you have any questions  please contact your child’s teacher on the addresses below.

The Grade 5 Team

G5A Carole Parker carole.pa@kis.ac.th

G5B Martyn Svendsen martyn.sv@kis.ac.th

G5C Nic Monnin nicholas.mo@kis.ac.th

Ms Ning, Ms Kaew, Ms Pinn

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