25th March

Coming events

  • 29th – 30th March Exhibition.
  • 28th March-1st April Book week- Tales from around the world.
  • 1st April- Book dress up day( Students to dress as Fairy tale/ Traditional tale characters.)
  • 7th April- Songkran (Students to dress in Songkran shirts/traditional clothes)
  • 8th April -End of Term 2

Primary Years programme exhibition (PYPX)

The students are putting the final touches to this year’s PYP exhibition in readiness to share their learning with the community next Tuesday and Wednesday. Boards are being covered with information and suitable images, films are being edited and websites finalised. The students are now looking forward to sharing the knowledge they have found over the last few weeks and the action they have taken with their parents and members of the school. Thank you to all parents who have signed up for a session next week, if you have not done so yet, please do this quickly as spaces are filling up fast. We are really looking forward to welcoming you all.















Book week 

As the Grade 5’s will be busy with their exhibition for the first part of Book week, we intend to extend the week to the following week where the students will be writing stories to be read by younger students in the primary Library. We will however be joining in the dress up day on ist April. We are encouraging the students to dress up as characters from fairy tales or traditional tales.

Book returns

As we will hopefully continue to be on campus for the foreseeable future we are requesting that all books especially library books be returned to school so that these can be used with other students.

Book week sales

Please check out the information on the Library blog pages to order books in time for book week, the last day to order is today!

School council

The school council members and House leaders have been busy again this week. Please read their newsletter pyp website.

School Counselor Ms Alex

Please take a look at the Ms Alex’s (Counselor) blog it has some really interesting reports on how you can help your child.

Counselor’s Blog

If you have any questions  please contact your child’s teacher on the addresses below.

The Grade 5 Team

G5A Carole Parker carole.pa@kis.ac.th

G5B Martyn Svendsen martyn.sv@kis.ac.th

G5C Nic Monnin nicholas.mo@kis.ac.th

Ms Ning, Ms Kaew, Ms Pinn

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