22nd April

Coming events

  • 2nd May School closed
  • 4th May School closed
  • 16th May Three way parent conferences
  • 25th May am -G5 Graduation
  • 3rd June School closed
  • 10th June – Last day of term 3

Unit of inquiry

Grade 5  have started two new units this week to run concurrently as they are both based around the concept of change. Firstly the How the world works unit will investigate how energies transfer from one to another and will focus on scientific experimentation.

The second unit will be based in the transdisciplinary themes of  Who we are are and how we express ourselves and will focus on identity and our sense of self during times of change. This will include a component on how bodies change during puberty and how the emotional repercussions of these changes can sometimes be felt. As part of this Ms Alex the school counselor ,will undertake body awareness sessions with the students.























































This week the students have been investigating how the media, in particular in the form of magazines have a tendency to stereotype their readers. They have also been looking at the different types of text to be found in a magazine before they embark on writing their own.









Connections has been the focus word in Numeracy this week as the students have looked at the connections between fractions, percentages and decimal numbers. They have also been using  the knowledge they have gathered on how to solve calculations involving fractions in real world contextual word problems.

Parent Conferences

As the students did such an amazing job presenting their exhibitions issues to their parents Grade 5 have decided to use this as the student- led conference which allows the 16th May conference to be focused on three way conferences which means a more in-depth conversation can take place between student, parent and teachers as to goals for next year. We will be sending out sign up sheets for this soon.

School council

The school council members and House leaders have been busy again this week. Please read their newsletter pyp website.

School Counselor Ms Alex

Please take a look at the Ms Alex’s (Counselor) blog it has some really interesting reports on how you can help your child.

Counselor’s Blog

If you have any questions  please contact your child’s teacher on the addresses below.

The Grade 5 Team

G5A Carole Parker carole.pa@kis.ac.th

G5B Martyn Svendsen martyn.sv@kis.ac.th

G5C Nic Monnin nicholas.mo@kis.ac.th

Ms Ning, Ms Kaew, Ms Pinn

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