13th May

  • 16th May -Three way parent conferences( See below for sign up docs)
  • 25th May 8.30 am -G5 Graduation
  • 3rd June -School closed
  • 10th June – Last day of term 3

Parent Conferences

We are really looking forward to welcoming you and your children to the three way conferences on Monday. Please complete the sign up sheets below and the registration link to enable access to the campus and remember to upload your ATK result.

G5A sign up doc

G5B sign up doc

G5C sign up doc

Body Safety Workshop

It is important for children to know what it means to keep their body safe, especially their private parts. During the Body Safety Workshops, Ms. Alex talks to students about the names they have for their private parts, how to keep them safe, and what to do if they feel unsafe. This is all done using age appropriate language, and the students are encouraged to practice non-verbal and verbal communication strategies to establish safe boundaries for their own bodies. They learn to find pride and power in using their voice to stand up for themselves and others, and are reminded of the support resources that are available to them at all times. By the end of the workshop, students often express a sense of personal strength and agency. It is very possible that this workshop will spark your child’s curiosity about their own body, and the bodies of others. It is not unusual for your child to come home and ask you questions about their bodies, the differences between boys and girls, and what this all means. Please do take the time to talk to your child about body safety and any other related topics they might bring up. It is always best to answer their questions honestly as this will prevent confusion and misunderstandings. It will also ensure an open line of communication, and your child will be more likely to come to you if they ever feel unsafe. If you are not sure how to answer a particular question, you might say “I am not sure how to answer that question right now, can I give you the answer tomorrow?” You are then more than welcome to reach out to me for advice on how to move forward.  

Warm regards,

Ms. Alex  


Unit of inquiry

This week the students have been investigating healthy living, inquiring into the (energy) food we eat and also the activities (energy expenditure) we do on a daily basis. They will apply this knowledge to creating their own healthy eating and exercise plan. Next week the students will inquire  into online identities, thinking about how they are perceived and also about to keep safe.


Performance poetry has been this week’s focus both writing it and learning the techniques to recite poems in an entertaining way. This will continue next week when the students will be reciting their own poems.


Accuracy has been the watch word for this week’s investigation into how to identify, measure and create angles. Understanding the concept of angles has enabled the students to calculate angles on a line, at a point and within 2d shapes. next week the students will increase their understanding of the properties of 2d and 3d shapes.


We have been very lucky to be given permission to hold a graduation celebration in the auditorium this year, the first time for three years, to which we can invite parents. This will take place on the morning of 25th May at 8.30. All parents will need to have submitted a negative ATK test and follow the mask wearing and social distancing protocols. This will be a lovely way to send the students on their way to the MYP and we look forward to seeing you all there.

School council

The school council members and House leaders have been busy again this week. Please read their newsletter pyp website.

If you have any questions  please contact your child’s teacher on the addresses below.

The Grade 5 Team

G5A Carole Parker carole.pa@kis.ac.th

G5B Martyn Svendsen martyn.sv@kis.ac.th

G5C Nic Monnin nicholas.mo@kis.ac.th

Ms Ning, Ms Kaew, Ms Pinn

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