27 th May

Dates to remember

  • 30th May G5C Transition day to the MYP
  • 31st May G5A Transition day to the MYP
  • 1st June G5B Transition day to the MYP
  • 3rd June -School closed
  • 10th June – Last day of term 3

For more details of end of term term dates please see the calendar here













It was really wonderful to see so many parents attend, in person, the graduation event on Wednesday. We hope that you will agree that the students did a marvelous job. The slideshow featuring the quotations the students chose for themselves appears here and the photo gallery here. It was a lovely surprise for the students for the rest of the PYP to clap their exit from the auditorium it made the event even more special so we thank all of those classes who turned up to do this for them.





Unit of inquiry

This week the students have been inquiring into identity and the changes which happen during puberty. Both the Physical and emotional changes of puberty are being investigated featuring the correct names for body parts and their function.

Next week the students will investigate areas of puberty which interest them including the  the emotional changes which the influx of hormones can promote.

If you have any concerns about this area of investigation please do reach out to your child’s teacher or Ms Alex the school counsellor alex.sh@kis.ac.th

MYP Visits

As part of the unit on Change, Identity and Transitions, the students will be visiting the MYP next week to experience life as a Grade 6. They have been given a grade 6 buddy who is aware of the issues which could surround this move, to answer their questions and smooth the experience for them. They will follow the grade 6 timetable for the time period they are in the MYP but will still be able to access their food in the canteen as normal. We really hope that they enjoy this experience and that it answers many of their questions.

House Event


























Grade 5 had a wonderful time completing in the house obstacle course on Friday morning. Triumphant Hanuman spent the rest of the day smiling! The house leaders, Bo, Un, Della, BewBew, RewRew, Vudh, Porche and Pauline  spent the whole morning organising the event for the whole of PYP led by Ms Magda thanks to them all.


This week and until the end of the term the focus will be on creating the children’s own magazine.  They will be writing a variety of articles, illustrating their texts, interviewing guest stars and  taking on different roles in order to publish their own magazine. This will be published and made available for the community to read towards the end of term.


The students will be continuing their investigation into shapes  and symmetry both reflective and rotational and tessellation. They will also begin to investigate coordinates and scale.

Red Bins Collection

For more information on the red bins collection see the link below.

Red Bins F.pptx (2)

School council

The school council members and House leaders have been busy again this week. Please read their newsletter pyp website.

If you have any questions  please contact your child’s teacher on the addresses below.

The Grade 5 Team

G5A Carole Parker carole.pa@kis.ac.th

G5B Martyn Svendsen martyn.sv@kis.ac.th

G5C Nic Monnin nicholas.mo@kis.ac.th

Ms Ning, Ms Kaew, Ms Pinn


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