Rolling along

Exhibition keeps rolling and the inquiry gets deeper and deeper. It’s great fun to see the iterative process resulting in a deepening of understanding. This week our students have been using the “I used to think but now I…” prompt to help them identify just how much they have learnt so far.

Thanks to all the parents who are helping to continue learning at home from helping to organise trips to taking your children to sustainable cafes where the plastic bottles are made from plants!

Our Maths focus continues to be exploring how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. A reminder that your child can be building their skills and knowledge at home using IXL and that Khan Mappers is great preperation for the MAPS tests that will be coming up later in the year.

Students are starting to get creative too and thinking about how to build in their Visual Arts learning in their presentations and displays through Canva. Many children are also using their creative writing skills to share what they have learnt.

Please don’t forget the Charity book drive. Ask your child for more information.

Have a great week!

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Trip of a lifetime…

…it most certainly was! It was so exciting to be part of an experience that combined taking responsibility and taking risks, from packing bags and thinking about safety and survival, to climbing ladders and starting fires this trip had it all. We hope you enjoyed it from a safe distance!

As you know, all the photos are available on the SEA blog and students have been invited to share any photos taken on a personal device so that they can be added to a google drive folder for all to see.

Back in class it took half a day to get back to the business at hand: our exhibition inquiries. Hopefully you are starting to have increasingly powerful conversations with your child at home. Your child should be familiar with their Lines of Inquiry and be able to tell you about HOW they are inquiring and WHAT they are finding out.

As part of homework over the coming weeks we will provide some prompts for the students. Your child might be ahead of the tasks we suggest or have fallen behind but the homework sheet can be used as an optional scaffold for your child’s inquiry. This week’s focus is on Primary research sources (as opposed to Secondary, or Second-hand) and the prompts remind children to think about the following:

  • Have you contacted an expert to interview?
  • Have you conducted a survey or an experiment?
  • Have you organised a field trip?

A combination of First-hand and Second-hand research is essential to help form a balanced and informed understanding of inquires before choosing how to take meaningful action. Feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you are unsure about how to support your child with their inquiry.

Have a great week!

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Countdown to residential

An incredibly short week this week and the main topic of dicussion is “Are these sturdy shoes?!!”. Yes., it’s residential from Wednesday to Friday and the teachers are just as excited as the children (and the parents?!)

Briefing & Packing List_G5 Residential trip_Khao Yai

If you find you are confused by the packing list in any way please help develop your child’s responsibility and independence by encouraging them to speak to their homeroom teacher. Of course, we are just an email away if you are really unsure (PS a good pair of trainers counts as sturdy shoes).

Please help us foster a balanced approach during the residential by ensuring no secret electronics make it into bags and please remember that ALL food including snacks will be provided so your child doesn’t need to bring a suitcase full of candy!

It will be a wonderful trip and a great blend of challenge and risk taking – for the students going, and the parents being left behind. SEA will be communicating daily with all parents with updates, photos and videos and we hope you don’t miss your children too much!


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Sports and PYPX

A wonderful display of house spirit today at the Grade 5 Steal the Bacon and Benchball competitions. The results were close and it all went right down to the wire, leaving a nail biting prospect for the Track and Field events on the field on Wednesday 10-11.20am. Don’t forget you are welcome to come and support your child and cheer on all the competitors. See you there (with your House T-shirt, sunscreen, hat and water bottle!)

Of course all the students are beavering away at their PYPX inquiries. Groups are beginning to move forward with their Lines of Inquiry and have identified a range of research questions to engage themselves on. Please remember that all inquiries move forward at different paces and your child’s group will also have ups and downs in the process. At times they might feel like their are being challenged (or even failing) but every moment of this process is a learning opportunity. Don’t hesitate to email your child’s homeroom teacher if you are unsure or want some advice how to support your child at home.

It has been great to see you all at the 3 way conferences. It’s such an important part of the year and the perfect chance for a discussion on the nature of responsibility and to see how the students, with the support of teachers and parents, are becoming increasingly responsible for their ongoing development.

Don’t forget that this is a short week – the school is closed on Thursday (while all the teachers can take part in some exciting Professional Development opportunities), and Friday is a holiday too! Have a great long weekend. Because it’s such a short week we aren’t issuing our usual homework and your child should instead be taking this opportunity to focus on their individual exhibition tasks and deadlines.

Have a great week!

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A breath of fresh air

Great to be back in school and to see the air quality has improved. It was also nice to see how committed the students were to their home learning activities, thank you all for your support with that.

It was obviously a short week last week and a shame that the groups didn’t have longer to speak and plan together before the enforced school closure. Of course, the students have been in their groups today and will continue to Tune In to their inquiries throughout the week. With teacher support they will begin to formulate Lines of Inquiry and make plans. Remember that all groups and all individuals will move at different paces so don’t worry if your child’s group gets off to a slow start!

We look forward to seeing you all in school this week for 3 way conferences. It’s a great chance to see how your child has ownership of their learning and a wonderful opportunity to further develop the feedback loop between students, teachers and parents that really supports their progression.

Have a great week!

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Emergency School Closure

Due to the current air quality in Bangkok, the Ministry of Education has instructed schools to close for the rest of the week. KIS will be closed on Thursday 31 Jan and Friday 1 Feb. The Bugs ‘n Butterflies picnic on Saturday Feb 2 will be postponed to a later date.

Please visit the Grade 5 Home Learning page from 8am on January 31st for activities that can be completed at home. Your child’s homeroom teacher will be available by email during school hours for any queries you or your child might have and will be offering online support and feedback.

We hope to see you all in school again soon.

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UN and more…

We will keep it brief today at there is so much more to come soon. First of all, the trip to the UN was amazing, such an inspiring and thought provoking opportunity!

It was so much fun at the UN that we stayed longer than planned and had to make some last minute lunch arrangements in the PYP atrium. It was great to see Mai and Finna take opportunistic action to recycle our plastic lunch boxes when we returned and they were joined by many helpful hands!  Next step is for them to work out what to do with them… Action is an important part of the exhibition and can take many forms – from carefully planned large scale initiatives to spur of the moment things. Even smiling at someone, giving them a compliment, or asking a thought provoking question can make a huge difference. Have you taken action today?!

Today Grade 5 were busy identifying their exhibition passions and justifying their choices. This week students will get into their groups and start the first steps of this exciting journey! Lots of learning to come.

A quick reminder that during the exhibition all specialist lessons will continue as normal, with PE and swimming on their normal days unless otherwise advised.

Have a great week!

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Warming up

First, a quick reminder to read Friday’s post for more information about Personal Devices and the upcoming exhibition.

IMG_0004As we continue to tune in to the theme Sharing the planet students are developing their understanding of the UN SDGs and beginning to make connections to the theme, inquiry cycle and the PYP Approaches To Learning to help them make a balanced decision about what inquiry to undertake over the coming weeks.

Across the grade we are building our conceptual understandings within how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. In Language Arts we are developing our Oral, Visual and written language while sharing and developing our understandings of the UN SDGs.

We are also looking forward to our trip to the UN on Thursday! Have a great week!

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Information from today’s Coffee Morning

Dear parents,

It was great to see so many of you at our meeting today. As promised, here are the slides that were shared. Please feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any questions.

KIS exhibition for Parents 2019

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A chance to ask questions…

First of all, a reminder that on Friday 18th January at 8am you are all invited to the Coffee Morning in the AP room. The agenda will include the following, and we will post all pertinent information on the blog for those who cannot attend.

  • How to support your child during the Exhibition unit of inquiry
  • The Residential trip updates
  • Bringing in a personal device to support learning during the Exhibition (hosted by Dr Puk)

As you can see, in Maths we have been using various manipulatives such as  Numicon and Lego to explore how fractions, decimal fractions and percentages are ways of representing whole-part relationships. When building understandings of Mathematical concepts it is very useful to explore different mediums and approach the problems from different points of view. Please encourage your child to use drawings and manipulatives (they can get really creative with what they use) at home to develop their understandings them while they are doing homework.

In writing we are applying our skills of planning, organising and completing writing projects of increasing length and complexity to share our research into the UN Sustainable Goals. We have also invited students to pick an inspirational hero and share their story through the form of an article that will sustain the interest of the reader.

See you on Friday!

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