A complete integration

The role of the ICT teacher is evolving in 2017/18. Technology is all around us and it’s part of every aspect of our learning experiences. At KIS we believe that students should have access to digital tools at any time, not just in a computer lab.

The ICT teacher becomes a Facilitator whose position is now to guide everyone through the multiple challenges of new technologies. We will not only continue to improve our skills during more conventional lessons but also use ICT as an integral pedagogical tool.

In facts it means that the ICT Facilitator will have more opportunities to help students in their learning. We will not lose any “computer time” and we will continue working with the tools we already have like; MinecraftEdu, Seesaw, Augmented and virtual reality apps all that and more on multiple devices; Ipads, Desktops and Chromebooks.

The students will become ICT Long Life Learners having experienced a great variety of platforms.

We will have new projects, new tools, and new challenges!

It’s all very exciting!


PYP ICT Facilitator