Wrapping Up The Term in KG

PYP Awards

Last week, many members our Kindergarten community were honoured at the end-of-term assembly and presented with certificates for embodying the traits we strive to develop at KIS. All of the children have so much to be proud of this term, and it was truly difficult to choose the honourees, so we would like to congratulate everyone on a successful term full of learning and growth!


The Hour of Code

One of last week’s highlights was our participation in The Hour of Code. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to begin to explore some new technologies, and the concepts involved in computer coding. We all tried out some simple coding with Mr. Eric in the computer lab in the weeks leading up to The Hour of Code, and last Friday some of the children experimented with writing code to direct a Sphero Robotic Ball. It was fantastic to see the everyone’s enthusiastic engagement in collaborative problem solving, and taking on a new challenge as risk-takers!

FotoJet (1)


Many thanks to all of the families that have sent in plants for our upcoming unit of inquiry. We would love to have a plant for each child so that we can have some real hands-on explorations when we officially start the inquiry upon our return from the holidays. If you have not yet sent in a plant, please do so this week. The KG team thanks you for your support!

Important Dates

Thursday December 14th, 1:00 – 2:30 pm – KG Holiday Party: Thank you to all the families that have signed up to bring food to make the party special. Family members are welcome to attend as well, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Friday December 15th, 8:45 – 10:00 am – Holiday Concert: We will be having dress rehearsals this week in preparation for the big show on Friday, so please send in any costumes as soon as possible if you have not done so already.

Friday December 15th – Last day of Term 1, half-day (11:30 am dismissal)

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Holiday Spirit at KIS!

Red BIns Dec 17 Concert 1`7

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KG Party Food – Taking Action

Dear Parents,
Today we have put the party food sign-up list on the KG notice board. The usual process for our end of term parties is that families each add whatever they would like to contribute to the party. Please add you contribution as soon as possible. If all families support the party it makes it a lovely end to the term. If you can’t get into school to do this please email your teacher and we can add the details for you.

Party Food sign-up

Plant Action!
The plant action continues! Thanks today to Alvin who brought his plant in to class.


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Plants – Taking Action

Today we had two students taking action to bring a plant into class. A big thanks to Henry and Ciaran and their families for taking action. It would be great to have a plant for all KG students ready for our next inquiry ‘Plants’. Thanks also to the families who took action sometime ago to bring a plant into class. Action can take many forms, in class we try to showcase all of the different forms of action we see from the students on our ‘Essential Elements’ classroom reflection.

Henry PlantCiaran PlantPlants on balconyAction in KG

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KG Updates

Where We Are In Place And Time: Family Histories

Last week the children continued to explore their families’ cultural background and how this interacts with their own personal identities. Many children told us about traditional clothes, foods they eat at home, and languages they can speak. A few students proudly taught the rest of us some words in their home language, and some of us created a Venn diagram to record data about our similarities and differences. We also began summative assessment tasks for this unit, which will continue this week.

A big thank you to Karol’s mother, Aga, for visiting us at school today to prepare perogies with us. Perogies are a Polish dumpling, and we loved having Karol’s family share a piece of their cultural identity with us. All of the children had the chance to roll some dough, stuff a dumpling and taste one. Delicious!


Family Histories Through Art

Ms. Daisy is making a connection to our exploration of families in art class. For this project, she would like a photo of a relative, such as a parent, or grandparent. A close-up photo would be best, as they will be looking at similarities in facial features. You can send a printed photo to school with your child, or email it straight to Ms. Daisy at daisy.ca@kis.ac.th.

Last Call for Books Returns

As the end of the term is approaching, the library is now closed for signing out books. Our classroom take-home book program has also ended for the term, and the children will resume bringing home books in the new year. Therefore, we would like to request that all books – including both library books and  classroom readers – be returned to school before we say goodbye for the holidays. Thank you!

Upcoming UOI: Plants

Our next Unit of Inquiry about sharing the planet,  will focus on plants. It would be fantastic if everyone could have a plant at school when we begin the unit. If your child has not brought one to school yet, please try to send one in at some point before the new year.

Concert Costumes

As you know, our holiday concert is coming up soon, and the children are busy getting ready. The children will be making many parts of the costumes themselves, working on them this week and next. Please have any part of the costume that parents have been asked to provide at school by Friday, as we will be beginning dress rehearsals next week. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Important Dates

Tuesday December 5th – HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday (school closed)

Thursday December 14th, 1:00 – 2:30 pm – KG Holiday Party (more info to follow)

Friday December 15th, 9:00 – 10:00 am – Holiday Concert (KGA, B, and C songs for practice on the music blog)

Friday December 15th – Last day of Term 1 (11:30 am dismissal)

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KG Updates

Where we are in Place and Time: Family Histories

Last week, we began to connect the components of culture more closely with our own family and personal histories. The children discussed where their parents came from, and considered how these cultures manifested themselves in their own lives. Children shared their experiences of language, food, celebrations, relatives near and far, and even different climates. As we learn about one another, identifying some of our similarities and differences, we have also taken the opportunity to integrate mathematics goals for data handling, by creating a bar graph of the cultures represented in our group. Diversity is such an asset to our international classroom community and it has been wonderful to see the children take pride in their heritage.

If there are any parents or grandparents who would like to honour us with a visit to share some aspect of your home culture, please get in touch with any member of the KG team. We would love to hear a traditional story, taste a typical dish, learn a game, song, or some words in your language, or even try cooking a food you eat at home!


Learning and sharing culture, taking pride in our heritage

Time for Learning!prod2202_dt

A new challenge we have taken on in KG recently is learning to tell the time on an analog clock. This learning intention is part of our math program under the Measurement strand, now that the children are familiar with measuring duration in months, weeks and days. This skill is one that the children enjoy practicing, as time-telling is quite the grown-up thing to do! We are constructing an understanding of what the long and short hands indicate and how to write and say the time with digits, while also highlighting connections to relevant points in the daily routine (such as the beginning and end of the school day) to make the concept relevant. Time-telling is also a great connection to skip-counting by 5s, which will later support an understanding of multiplication.

Play-Based Literacy

A police station in the Dramatic Play centre: Officers Levi and Ete write down clues, while Officer Luca draws and labels a map with the words "park", "field", "bad guys" and "money"

A police station in the Dramatic Play centre: Officers Levi and Ete write down clues, while Officer Luca draws and labels a map with the words “park”, “field”, “bad guys” and “money”

Hugo writes a note to protect his block construction when he steps away

Hugo writes a note to protect his block construction when he steps away


Parent-Teacher Basketball

The festive highlight of last week was definitely the parent-teacher basketball game – the popcorn and cheerleaders in particular! KIS spirit was riding high, and the KG children all enjoyed the event, especially cheering on our very own Ms. Lisa. Thanks to all who helped to organize, play, cheer, or attend!



We’d like to remind parents that children are discouraged from bringing personal items to school, other than requested artifacts and items needed for school sponsored activities (such as PE, swimming, and ASAs). Such items can get lost at school, and can distract from learning engagements. Our programme includes purposeful play, and the  classroom is stocked with materials specially selected for learning and development, so there is no need for children to bring additional toys that may not support our goals at school. Thank you for your understanding!

Important Dates

Friday December 1st – House Day (children are invited to wear house t-shirts)

Tuesday December 5th – HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday (school closed)

Thursday December 14th, 1:00 – 2:30 pm – KG Holiday Party (more info to follow)

Friday December 15th, 9:00 – 10:00 am – Holiday Concert (KGA, B, and C songs for practice on the music blog)

Friday December 15th – Last day of Term 1 (11:30 am dismissal)

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KG Updates

How we express ourselves: ImagesFotoJet

Last week in KG we wrapped up our second unit of inquiry, Images. The children discussed various works of art, sharing their interpretations of what the artist may have wanted to communicate through the image and noticing how each of us had our own perspective. They also thought about how colour could be used to express emotions through art, and then applied these ideas by adding watercolour paint to the line drawings they created the previous week. To assess the children’s thinking and understanding of our Central Idea for this unit, we documented their reflections on images they created or brought to school, discussing the form of the image, how it was made, and the meaning it could represent.

To read some of the ideas the children shared during discussions about images throughout the unit, check out the slideshow on our page for UOI 2, just below the artifact slideshow.

Where we are in place and time: Family Histories

Last week we also dove in to our third unit of inquiry, Family Histories. Our Cultural Showcase on Monday was a great success, provoking the children’s thinking about where our community’s families come from, as well as our similarities and differences. (Scroll down to the previous blog post to view more photos and videos of the day.) The children have also begun to bring in artifacts related to their family and cultural identities, sharing their reflections what these items mean to them. To learn more about the elements of culture and identity, we have been viewing videos about different countries, and talking about the different ways that culture manifests itself.

Continuing to draw from our incredible cultural resources in Kindergarten, we would like to invite any parent/grandparent who would like to come into school and highlight their culture. It might be to read a book from your culture (either in your mother tongue or in English), cook a dish you eat at home with the children, create a work of art, sing songs, or play games that represent your family’s culture or traditions. Family members could also tell stories or talk about what it is like in your home country. We loved having families in the classroom for our Cultural Showcase Day and would love to find more opportunities for you to be included in your child’s learning. Please get in touch with the KG team and we will organize a time for your visits.FotoJet (1)


Last week in literacy, we focused on the vowel sounds, as well as reviewing previously learned digraphs and adding a few new ones. Digraphs are two-letter combinations that represent a single sound. So far, the KG children have looked at ou, or, ar, th, sh, ch, ee, and oo. The children are also writing sentences to express their ideas. We are focusing on remembering to include spaces between words, capital letters to begin sentences, and full stops (periods) at the end of a sentence. We are reviewing high frequency words, which the children should learn to spell correctly and automatically (such as I, can, see, and, the, you), while encouraging them to spell other new words by sounding them out.

Upcoming December Concert

The KG children have begun rehearsing their songs for the upcoming concerts, and are getting excited about the big day. This year, the children will be making their own costumes at school, to give them a greater sense of ownership in putting the show together. No need for parents to be worrying about costume preparations, you have big kids now!

Each KG class will be singing a different song, so check out Mr. Chris’ KG Music Blog to find out what your child will be singing if you’d like to practice with them at home.

Important Dates

Friday November 24th, 1:30 – 2:30 pm – Parent/Teacher Basketball Game

Friday December 1st – House Day (children are invited to wear house t-shirts)

Tuesday December 5th – HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday (school closed)

Thursday December 14th, 1:00 – 2:30 pm – KG Holiday Party (more info to follow)

Friday December 15th, 9:00 – 10:00 am – Holiday Concert

Friday December 15th – Last day of Term 1 (11:30 am dismissal)

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Cultural Identity Showcase

Cultural Identity Showcase Thank you

Thank you to all Kindergarten families for ensuring a very successful Cultural Identity Showcase. We had Thailand, China, India, Bahrain, Mexico, USA, Switzerland, Cymru, and Australia. Here is a 9min video of photos and video from the morning. We could not have had such a successful introduction into cultures without the help of families.


Christmas Concert

Our children are now practicing their song for the end of year show. Each class will have a different song. The songs are listed on the Music Blog.


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Artifacts Update

Dear Parents,

Thanks so much for all of the interesting artifacts we have had so far for our new inquiry ‘Family Histories’. Some students have been very creative and made their own artifacts and other have chosen real things. Please could you help you child today to bring in an artifact for tomorrow.

KG Team.

ArtifactsArtifacts 2

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This week, the children are bringing their image artifacts back home, in preparation for the new artifacts for our next unit.

The children shared their image artifacts in small groups, discussing what the image was, how it was created, and what meaning it might express (such as a story, feeling, or message). Our intention during these discussions was to provoke thinking about the central idea of our UOI: Images come in different forms and communicate ideas and information.

Take a look at the slideshow below to see what the children said about their images as we began this inquiry.


Our artifact slideshows are also accessible through the Unit of Inquiry pages on the right (see Current Unit of Inquiry and Other Units of Inquiry).

We are now ready to receive artifacts for our third unit of inquiry, related to family histories and cultural identity.

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