Halloween 2018

Halloween1819Hello families.
We will be celebrating Halloween on Friday 2nd November at KIS. Students are welcome to wear a costume to school on that day. Please keep any toy weapons (guns, swords, etc.) at home.

Please see the attached poster for more information. Halloween1819

Feel free to send a change of clothing for your child in case he/she has a costume that may become hot or uncomfortable for them to wear all day.

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Week #10: Oct. 15th – 19th

Save the date:

CoffeeKG Coffee Meeting #2
When: Monday 5th November, 2018
8:10am – 9:10am
Where: KG Classroom

* * *

Parent-Teacher Conferences
We would like to thank all the parents who were able to attend our conferences last week. We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us, and hope that the conferences were helpful and informative. Thank you for your continued support.

* * *

Students have been using their fine motor skills to create and illustrate their own shopping lists.

0E6ACFC6-B2A2-4708-B6D0-64DBA95163D5 9FEF7009-4DC0-431F-8FA1-E42D9597153C AC8A7962-BC7B-4671-B1A5-27D72E347DA0 6BB35731-5E40-425E-8649-F21B8B7DDF01

They are also making connections to upper- and lowercase letters and using stamps to recreate words.

467D6793-E855-47A6-B212-BB510A9C07A5 0FD7DC73-2474-4493-92F5-8E48E2AFBA34 126E36EC-847B-4B4C-903F-6C6B034F76BC 5E2D7A0C-4F4D-41CC-9019-7CA204B89D7D

Number Sense
Students are beginning to explore the use of tally marks to represent numbers.

This week we will be looking at the numbers 14 and 15 and showing how we can represent these numbers using tally marks and other drawings.

2D Shapes
Last week we introduced a new game to our play centers: Monster Bingo.

In this game students continue to practice the skills of sharing and taking turns while learning to identify drawings by 2 attributes: shape and colour.

* * *

Last week Mr. Eric visited the KG classroom and introduced us to OSMO Monster.

In this activity, our drawings come to life in an animated adventure as Mo the Monster takes them and ‘pulls’ the images onto the screen.

This program allows us to develop our fine motor skills while using our creativity and imagination.

* * *

Unit of Inquiry
Social Skills: Resolving Conflict with Kelso’s Choices

Kelso the frog teaches students how to solve “small” problems on their own. “Small” problems include conflicts that cause “small” feelings of annoyance, embarrassment, boredom, etc. “BIG problems” always need to be taken to an adult. These are situations that are scary or dangerous.

Kelso has nine choices to solve “small problems.” These are illustrated in the Kelso’s Choice Wheel. They include

Kelso's Wheel1 (LGS)

  • Go to another game
  • Talk it out
  • Share and take turns
  • Ignore it
  • Walk away
  • Tell them to stop
  • Apologize
  • Make a deal
  • Wait and cool off

How can you use Kelso’s Choices at home?
When a child comes to you to solve their “small problem,” tell them to try one to two of Kelso’s Choices first. If that doesn’t work, then an adult can intervene. Make sure your kids know to ask an adult for help in the event of a “BIG problem.”

* * *

Library Books

Bookbag Bookbag2
Students are bringing their library folders home today.
Please return all folders on Friday morning.
Thank you.

* * *

Important Dates

October Break (SCHOOL CLOSED): Mon. 22nd – Fri. 26th October

KISPA Halloween Event: Fri. 2nd November

KG Coffee Meeting #2: Mon. 5th November (8:10am – 9:10am)

SCHOOL CLOSED: Wed. 5th December
In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol‘s birthday

PD (Professional Development) Day: Mon. 10th December
SCHOOL CLOSED for students

G3 – G5 Holiday Concert: Fri. 14th December (End of Term 1)

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Week #9: Oct. 8th – 12th

New KG Student
We have a new classmate, Tinn, who joined KGC this week.

20181009_122616 - Version 3Please join us in welcoming him to Kindergarten.

Unit of Inquiry
Last week, the KG students went on a field trip to Art in Paradise as part of a tuning in activity to our upcoming Unit of Inquiry: How We Express Ourselves. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Art in Paradise is a 3D interactive art museum (sometimes referred to as a ‘trick-eye’ museum). The artists of Art in Paradise did an amazing job at maximizing the space and rendering the 3D illusion scenes using floor and walls, allowing visitors to literally step into a frame.
Below are some of the photos that we took during the trip.

Following the trip, students had the opportunity to be reflective and share their thoughts about what they saw, how they felt, and what they learned.

Thanks again to Hina’s mom, Rintaro’s mom, and A-na’s mom
for accompanying us on the trip.

* * *

House Spirit Sports Day
Last Friday was another eventful day as we had our first spirit sports day for the school year. Thank you to all the parents who came to cheer on our kids as they participated in a variety of events in their house teams.
Erawan Hanuman Tosakan Naga

* * *

This week, students are continuing to practice the social skills of sharing and taking turns, while making connections to high-frequency words, constructing their names, and matching words with pictures. They are also practicing their fine motor skills while continuing to improve on their lowercase letter formation.

Students are continuing to construct, transfer, and apply mental math strategies to make connections to our daily attendance. APL

Now that our class total has changed to 48, students are adjusting their thinking to work out how many people are present in class by using their knowledge of how many are absent and how many arrived late.

* * *

PYP Book Fair
The Book Fair is now in full swing in the PYP Atrium and will be on until Wednesday, October 10th.

Every 500 baht purchased will receive a lucky draw coupon to win the prizes at the PS Library.

We also have the Book Exchange table (please see photo below) which will be opened from 7:15 – 7:45 am, during the breaks, and after school.

3603258B-5BF6-4C44-B7F7-95572BBD5B38If you haven’t yet visited our Book Fair, please do so soon.

* * *

Library Books

Bookbag Bookbag2
KG students’ library folders are due on Fridays.
Please return all folders every Friday morning.
Thank you for your support.

* * *

Important Dates
Parent Teacher conference make-up days: Thur. 11th – Fri. 12th October

SCHOOL CLOSED: Mon. 15th October
In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol

October Break (SCHOOL CLOSED): Mon. 22nd – Fri. 26th October

First day back after October Break: Mon. 29th October

KISPA Halloween Event: Fri. 2nd November

SCHOOL CLOSED: Wed. 5th December
In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol‘s birthday

PD (Professional Development) Day: Mon. 10th December
SCHOOL CLOSED for students

PYP Holiday Concert: Fri. 14th December (End of Term 1)


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A few friendly reminders…

House Spirit Sports Day Tomorrow!

Erawan Hanuman Tosakan Naga
Please send your child to school wearing his/her house shirt and PE shorts.

*   *   *   *   *

PYP Book Fair Next Week
(Mon. 8th – Wed. 10th October)

1_PS BookFair (October2018)

2_PS BookFair Poster (October2018)

2_PS BookFair Poster (October2018)


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Week #8: Oct. 1st – 5th

Students have begun practicing components of lowercase letters in their writing books. They have started with ‘short stick’, ‘hungry mouth’, ‘tunnel’, and ‘tall stick’.

Once they become familiar with these different components, they will be able to combine them to form different letters. For example, lowercase ‘a’ can be formed with ‘hungry mouth + short stick’. Lowercase ‘d’ is a combination of ‘hungry mouth + tall stick’. Lowercase ‘n’ is a combination of ‘short stick + tunnel’.

Students have been continuing to make connections to initial letter sounds and use their creativity and fine motor skills to illustrate their ideas.

Students have continued making connections to the daily calendar and the number of days they have been in Kindergarten. They are recording this information in their Daily Data booklets.

Some students have begun making predictions for upcoming days as well as figuring out dates for days they may have been absent from school.

At the Numicon center, students have added another component to their exploration. These new components allow the students to build vertically upon their previous creati0ns. They are exploring spatial sense along with numeracy.

Unit of Inquiry
Students are continuing to explore our centers in a balanced manner, sharing and taking turns, and making connections to our Essential Agreement.

Library Folders
Students brought home their folders today. Please return them on Friday.

Important Dates

KG Field Trip: Wednesday (Oct. 3rd)
Thank you to our parent volunteers.

Dress for the field trip:
KGA students: PE uniforms
KGB students: Regular uniforms (not PE)
KGC students: Regular uniforms (not PE)

House Sport Spirit Day: Friday (Oct. 5th)

Erawan Hanuman Tosakan Naga

Please wear house shirts and PE shorts on Friday.
KG’s activities will take place from 8:20am – 9:40am.

Parent Teacher Conferences: (Oct. 8th-12th)
Sign-up sheets are now posted outside the KG classroom.

Please sign up if you haven’t yet done so.

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Week #7: Sept. 24th – 28th

Unit of Inquiry
We have now put together our KG Essential Agreement. For the past 6 weeks we have been learning about how we can make KG a safe and enjoyable place to be. Students had time to practice and reflect on these behaviours and are now in the process of adding their signatures to our agreement.

The agreement is now on display outside the KG classroom.

Last week, students got explore their spatial sense through creation of 3D sculptures using toothpicks and foam balls. Many of you have seen the students’ creations currently displayed on top of their cubbies. Please see below for some photos.

Students have also been exploring our new Numicon manipulatives. These consist of a collection of plastic tiles with holes which represent the numbers 1 to 10.

Right now, students are taking time to freely explore the resource and to familiarize themselves with the different pieces and how they relate to one another. One challenge that some students seem to be enjoying is figuring out how to fit all the pieces back into the original case.

Students have been continuing to make connections to initial letter sounds, match words with pictures, and develop their fine motor skills using high frequency words.

Students are also using sensory materials to build words and names.

House Shirt Day this Friday 28th September
This Friday we will be having our house assemblies.

Please have your child wear his/her house shirt on Friday.

Next week we will also have a House Sport Spirit Day on Friday 5th October.
Students should wear their house shirt next Friday as well.

PS_House Sport Spirit Day_October 5th

* * * * *

KG Field Trip next Wednesday 3rd October

Art in Paradise

Thank you to our parent volunteers.

In order for your child to attend, please be sure to fill in the online permission field trip form if you haven’t yet done so.

KG Trip to Art in Paradise

* * * * *

Coming Soon: October 8th-12th

PT conf
Mon. 8th Oct. – Students in class KGC

Tues. 9th Oct. – Students in Class KGB

Wed. 10th Oct. –Students in Class KGA

Make-up conferences for class A, B, C: Thurs. 11th Oct. -Fri. 12th Oct.

Sign-up sheets will be available in the PS Office this Thurs. and Fri. (Sept. 27th and 28th) for families with more than one child in Primary School.

Sign-up sheets will be posted outside classrooms from October 1st –5th.

Put this calendarEach teacher will have a separate sign-up sheet in the Primary School office. Please choose a time slot (a blank, white space) that suits you best. If for some reason you need to reschedule, please don’t hesitate to email us and we can work something out.


Specialist conferences for Thai, Art, Music and P.E. will be held later in the term.

PS_Parent-Teacher Conferences_Oct_2018


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Week #6: Sept. 17th – 21st

Weekly Blog Posts
Hello, parents.
Please note that when you receive a notification in your email about our blog posts, sometimes certain media (such as slideshows) will not show up in your email message.
If you see blank gaps in your email notification message, simply click on the blog title and you will be redirected to our classroom website.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kelso's PostersKelso’s Choices
One thing that we will be working on this year in Kindergarten is conflict resolution. What do we do when we have a small problem? Well, there are many different choices that we can make.

In order to help us with this process, we will be using Kelso’s Choices.

Kelso’s Choices is a collection of actions that we can take to help us solve small problems on our own. For example, what can I do if my classmate and I want to play with the same toy? Well, one thing we can do is Share and Take Turns.

(Please click on the image above to see an enlarged version.)

Students practiced their fine motor skills while making connections to Kelso’s Choices in class today.

* * * * *

KG students are practicing letter formation by starting with the basic units (letter strokes) that make up the letters and moving on to combining these units to form letters.

Introducing young children who are just starting to print letters to the basic strokes used to form letters and showing  them how these can be joined to form letters has  advantages such as:

  • Ensuring that the child learns to print letters using the correct sequence of strokes right from the start.
  • The child starts to recognize the strokes that make up any new letters that they encounter.  This is the start of developing the connection between printed letters and the motor plan for the letter.
  • Once a child has learned the to write and recognize the letter strokes, they will quickly recognize them in any new letter they encounter and are often able to print the letter with minimal specific training for the writing the particular letter.

In KG we are continuing to explore the conceptual understanding that number operations can be modeled in a variety of ways.

Each day students focus on a different number (we are working our way up to 10), practice forming that number, and illustrate that number with a drawing.

In connection to our daily attendance, we are exploring the conceptual understanding that there are many mental methods for computations. Each day students have the opportunity to share their ideas of how to work out how many people are in the class that day based on the knowledge of how many people are in KG when everyone is present, how many are absent that day, and how many arrived late. Students are beginning to record this information on a regular basis in a graphic organizer.

In addition to this, we have a collection of stations in the classroom where students may further explore the FORM of different numbers.

During center time each day, students get to practice the social and self-management skills that we have been working on. Here are some examples below.


* * * * *

Field Trips: A Message from the SEA
(This message is for those who haven’t yet returned the field trip permission slips.)

Dear KG parents,
KG will have their first field trip coming up on the 3rd October. More info about the field trip will be shared with the parents next week. However, we have noticed that you haven’t yet signed the field trip permission slip for your child. To allow your child to participate in the field trip, we are requesting you to complete the field trip form via the link https://sea.kis.ac.th

For further questions regarding the permission slip, please email kisletter@kis.ac.th or contact the primary school office.

Thank you for your time and attention, SEA

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Week #5: Sept. 10th – 12th (NO CLASSES Thurs. and Fri.)

CoffeeThank you, parents, for coming to our KG Coffee Meeting this morning. It was great to have such a large turnout. Please click on the link below to view this morning’s brief slideshow.

KG Coffee Morning Sept 10

If you wish to view information from our coffee meetings this year, please click on ‘Coffee Meetings’ under the heading ‘Pages’ on the right hand column of the KG Class Blog main page (see image below).

KG Blog Pages

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Library Folders
Students are bringing home their library folders today. Since we have a short, 3-day week this week, please return the folders next Monday 17th September.

Library Folder Contents

Morning Arrival
Students who arrive to school early (before 7:30am) should remain in the PYP atrium until supervision begins.
At 7:30am, students are to head outside for their morning play time.

Students who arrive at school between 7:30am should put their belongings in their cubbies, water bottles in the basket, and head outside straight away.

When the morning bell rings at 7:50am, students should already be outside.

Any student who arrives after 8:00am should first head to the elementary office to pick up a late slip before coming to the classroom. If someone other than a parent is dropping of your child, please be sure to tell them this.

Thank you for your support.

This week in KG
In our Unit of Inquiry, ‘Inspiring Individuals’, we are continuing to explore how we learn and how we can make KG a fun and safe place to be. Below are some of the ideas the students have shared so far.

20180910_153545 20180910_153537 20180910_153531

In literacy, students are practicing their listening and speaking skills, making connections to text, and practicing letter formation.

We continue to make connections to mathematical concepts through our daily discussions of the calendar, how many days we’ve been in KG so far, the attendance, and recognizing patterns related to whose turn it is to be Line Leader and Lucky Last.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Grade 4 Bake Sale this Wednesday
The grade four students will be hosting a bake sale this Wednesday during morning and afternoon breaks as well as at lunch time.

bake sale

Students are welcome to bring money if they wish to purchase baked goods on this day.


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Week #4: September 3rd – 7th

Reading A-Z
Last week, KG students received their login information for Reading A-Z (a letter was sent home to parents in their library reading folders). If you are having difficulty accessing these resources, please do not hesitate to contact us.


In class, we have been practicing letter sounds. Here are links to a couple of songs that we have been using:

Please practice letter sounds with your children at home. We appreciate your support.

Data Management in KG
In KG, we are making connections to mathematical concepts relating to data management through simple graphing.

Each week, students add a sticker to our swim charts and library charts. These charts are a visual representation of students who went swimming (or who didn’t swim that day for whatever reason), students who returned their library books and ORT books, or students who were absent on that day. Using these charts is one way of collecting and organizing data, and helps students begin to recognize patterns and interpret data.

In KG, we have been practicing social, self-management, and communication skills in different ways. We are now in the process of learning how to be reflective through self-assessment of these very skills. For example, social skills such as cooperating and respecting others can be practiced through taking turns, asking others to play, and sharing resources. Self-management skills can be demonstrated by being safe in the classroom and the playground. One way of showing our communication skills is by being a good listener by looking at the person who is speaking.

Just a friendly reminder that library reading folders are due every Friday morning.

Important Dates
KG Coffee Meeting – Mon. 10th Sept.
PD Day – Thurs. 13th Sept. (no classes)
NO SCHOOL –  Fri. 14th Sept.
KG field trip to Art in Paradise – Wed. 3rd Oct.

Coffee Meeting


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Week #3: Aug. 27th – 31st

Save the date
KG will be hosting our Back-to-School Coffee Meeting for parents in the KG classroom on Monday 10th September, 2018 from 8:00 am – 9:00 am.
We’re looking forward to seeing you all here.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Morning Routine
To ensure the safety of your child, outside supervision begins at 7:30 am.
If your child arrives before 7:30 am, they are to remain in the PYP atrium.
At 7:30 am, students are to go outside for their morning play time.
Students should be outside on the playground when the bell rings.

Thank you for your support in helping your children establish this morning routine.

Program Updates
Last week was a busy week in Kindergarten as we began to tune in to what we know about how to make our classroom a safe and fun place to be for everyone.

Seesaw logo
Please remember to visit Seesaw for regular classroom updates.

Artifact Showcase
Thank you, boys and girls, for bringing in your artifacts last week. We received many items that demonstrate the students’ passions. If your child hasn’t yet brought in an artifact, please help them choose one to bring in as soon as possible.

Library/Reading Resources
Students will be bringing home their library folders today.
Please remember to return them this Friday.
In the folders, you will also see  a Kids A-Z letter with your child’s login and password. You can access Kids A-Z online or on the app.

Kids A-Z is a great resource for reading and listening to books.

House Shirt Day
This Friday 31st August is our first House Spirit Friday. Students should wear their house shirts on this day.

Erawan Hanuman Naga Tosakan

A friendly reminder…
Regarding birthday celebrations, if you are bringing in treats for your child to share with his/her classmates, please ensure that they contain NO NUTS or nut oils.


Also, individual cupcakes/cake pops/cookies/donuts etc. are very easy to distribute and are usually an appropriate size for small tummies.
Please consider this for future reference.

Thank you so much. Have a wonderful week.



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