Welcome to the KIS music class!


As we enter our hybrid model there are some important things to know.

Music will be an online subject which takes place on the days when you have remote learning.
It is on your schedules and I will be waiting to work with you online.
My music link never changes just join the class as you usually do, albeit at a different time and, probably, day.
Please check your schedules!

I am delighted to see you all again and will smile, masked, and wave, from a distance, on the days you are in school!

Don’t forget to wave to me too!

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Music and movement


Let’s sing, move and clap the beat together as we have fun in music class.

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Music and movement

Join Mr Chris to move and sing as we inquire into music through song and dance.


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Online Learning

zoomcartoon (1)

Unfortunately, the current COVID conditions have, once again, necessitated a return to online learning.
I will be meeting my classes on classroom and zoom as we follow our normal class tinetables and schedules. Music classes will start on Tuesday, April 20th.
EY1 to EY3 will use zoom whilst Grades 1 to 5 will use google classroom, exactly as we did last tine.
Your homeroom teachers will share the zoom link with you.

In all classes we will be working with both synchronous sessions (participating in class/group activities on-line via Zoom or Google meets) and asynchronous (working offline mostly, at our workstations at home). Some examples of what this might look like during our music sessions are activities that can be recorded to be uploaded to seesawor multimedia art projects which reflect the students’ understanding of what we are inquiring into.
Your child’s Homeroom Teachers will share our zoom links for EY1 to G1 and Google Meets links for G2 to G5.
They will also share with you their Class Weekly Schedules which includes specialist music classes so that you and your child are able to plan ahead and be ready to begin each of our sessions throughout the week.
Additionally, you are able to find the Learning Intentions for music, along with the related resources needed to engage with the class, in the “what you will need for the week ahead” document which is shared by the Homeroom Teachers on Friday afternoons.
I hope you all had an excellent break and look forward to seeing you all again.
Mr. Chris

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Have a great summer!


Check out the music blog page for some videos of some very talented students who tried out for the virtual talent show.
Thanks for taking risks and joining in, guys.
We couldn’t do it without you!

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I love the whole world!

Here is our song with Mr Chris singing it:

And here it is with just the piano:

I hope you enjoy singing along!

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Welcome back!

Join in with Mr. Chris and Ms. Noi as we clap along to music!

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Hi Guys!
Here are twenty minutes of songs for you to sing at home.
Enjoy singing and share with Ms Kaitlin and Ms Sian.
Have a great day!
Mr Chris

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Sing with Mr Chris


Here are some more of our favourite songs to sing at home.
Join in and make a video of you singing to share with me.
You can share by email or post to your SeeSaw account.
I’d love to see it.
Happy singing!

Miss Polly had a dolly

Five little speckled frogs

The grand old Duke of York

Puff the magic dragon

If you’re happy and you know it

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Music at home

Good morning!
Here are some songs from our music class we can sing at home.
Why not record yourself singing them and send them to me, Mr Chris?
I’d love to see them!

The morning song:

Five little ducks

The butterfly song

I’ll add more during the week for us to enjoy!
Keep on singing!

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