Pop-up concert!

The PYP bands performed at lunchtime last week to show their talent and hard work.

Well done guys!

The Bands 06/22
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Welcome back to school!


As we enter our hybrid model there are some important things to know.

Music will be an online subject which takes place on the days when you have remote learning.
It is on your schedules and I will be waiting to work with you online.
My music link never changes just join the class as you usually do, albeit at a different time and, probably, day.
Please check your schedules!

I am delighted to see you all again and will smile, masked, and wave, from a distance, on the days you are in school!

Don’t forget to wave to me too!

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The building blocks of music: Making Chords

Chords are made by layering notes upon each other. We’ll take a look at what scales are, how they are formed and how they relate to chords.


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The great musicians: Jazz

We have inquired into the birth and development of jazz, the great American artform.

This week we will look at jazz in the modern era and free jazz.

Next week we’ll use canva to create a poster which shows all we know about jazz to make a display for the classroom.

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The Great Musicians: Jazz. Beebop and Swing

Jazz cartoon

We have learned of the origins of jazz and now we turn to its development.

From traditional Dixieland jazz grew swing and beebop as jazz split and diverged. Let’s see how.

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The Great Musicians: Jazz

Last week we discussed the origins of jazz and its vocal technique, scat.

This week we inquire into how jazz developed and grew.

Jazz cartoon

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Welcome to a new year of music making!

Music- Wk 1 & 2 _ KIS Planning

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Online Learning

zoomcartoon (1)

Unfortunately, the current COVID conditions have, once again, necessitated a return to online learning.
I will be meeting my classes on classroom and zoom as we follow our normal class tinetables and schedules. Music classes will start on Tuesday, April 20th.
EY1 to EY3 will use zoom whilst Grades 1 to 5 will use google classroom, exactly as we did last tine.
Your homeroom teachers will share the zoom link with you.

In all classes we will be working with both synchronous sessions (participating in class/group activities on-line via Zoom or Google meets) and asynchronous (working offline mostly, at our workstations at home). Some examples of what this might look like during our music sessions are activities that can be recorded to be uploaded to seesawor multimedia art projects which reflect the students’ understanding of what we are inquiring into.
Your child’s Homeroom Teachers will share our zoom links for EY1 to G1 and Google Meets links for G2 to G5.
They will also share with you their Class Weekly Schedules which includes specialist music classes so that you and your child are able to plan ahead and be ready to begin each of our sessions throughout the week.
Additionally, you are able to find the Learning Intentions for music, along with the related resources needed to engage with the class, in the “what you will need for the week ahead” document which is shared by the Homeroom Teachers on Friday afternoons.
I hope you all had an excellent break and look forward to seeing you all again.
Mr. Chris

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We will be sharing our talents on the ukelele at the holiday concert this year.

You’ll need the chords of C, G, A minor and F
Here they are:

C-Am-F-G-ukulele-chords (1)

Here are the songs we will be performing. Make sure you know the words!

The Show

Somewhere over the rainbow

Karaoke version:

You can count on me

Count on me chords and lyrics:

Count on me lyrics

Somewhere over the rainbow chords and lyrics
Somewhere over the rainbow chords and lyrics

White Christmas

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Back in the music room!


Mr Chris’ days as a peripatetic music teacher are, once again, over as, from Monday, I return, with you, to the music room.
The room where the magic happens!

We have had two weeks introduction to our listening unit on jazz, to which we will return later in the year, but, we can now start the way we mean to go on with a new instrument: The Ukelele!

We have ukeleles in school that we can use however, like on any instrument, practice is key and having your own ukelele to play at home will help you learn faster.
You can order them from lazada for around 1,000 baht or buy from any good music shop.
Wood is good, plastic is not.
We use concert size ukeleles in school which are around 23″ long and are just the right size for beginners.

The ukelele is a fun, happy little instrument to learn. In no time you’ll be playing songs.

I’ll see you in the music room.

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