Back in the music room!


Mr Chris’ days as a peripatetic music teacher are, once again, over as, from Monday, I return, with you, to the music room.
The room where the magic happens!

We have had two weeks introduction to our listening unit on jazz, to which we will return later in the year, but, we can now start the way we mean to go on with a new instrument: The Ukelele!

We have ukeleles in school that we can use however, like on any instrument, practice is key and having your own ukelele to play at home will help you learn faster.
You can order them from lazada for around 1,000 baht or buy from any good music shop.
Wood is good, plastic is not.
We use concert size ukeleles in school which are around 23″ long and are just the right size for beginners.

The ukelele is a fun, happy little instrument to learn. In no time you’ll be playing songs.

I’ll see you in the music room.

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