Early Years Sports Day

The EY children had a fantastic time at Sports Day on Friday 28th February. We started off with a fun filled warm up where the children had the chance to show off their hula hooping and throwing and catching skills. Next they took part in a range of activities to earn house points for their team such as an obstacle course, scooter race and boxing glove throw (Miss Morna’s favourite game!).

The final race was a KIS favourite which saw children racing back and forth with wet sponges to see which house could collect the most water in their tub. Twelve brave Mums and Dads joined in the parent race to earn extra points for their child’s house with the Erawan Mums racing through the finishing line in first place.

EY Sports Day: Sponge Race

It was an action packed event and the children loved having so much support from their families. Thank you to everyone involved with a huge thank you to Mr Max for all his hard work to make EY sports day a day to remember!

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