House Launch Day

2015: Last Friday we held our first House event for the year: House Launch Day.  Throughout the morning students participated in team building activities that were fun and aimed at promoting school spirit.  The day began and ended with an assembly and all students wholeheartedly enjoyed cheering for their team.

The House Captains for this school year were also introduced.

House Captains 2015-2016

Erawan Naga Tosakan Hanuman
Alex Bezt Jow Poo
Anthea Meg Calvin Lika

Congratulations to all of the participants, but the final scores saw Erawan take the points for this first event!

Final points tally

Final points tally


2014: On Friday September 27, Primary School students participated in their first House Event day for the year.  The four houses: Tosukan, Erawan, Hunuman and Naga competed in activities such as recycle sorting relay, fold the newspaper, hoop pass and tower building, all with the focus on  team building and developing school spirit.


The event was a huge success, as evidenced by the seemingly endless energy that was being enthusiastically expelled throughout the day’s activities.  Click on the photo below to see some of the action from the day’s events.


The day ended with an assembly in the atrium, where the points earned were shared, and there was much appreciation and celebration for House Launch day 2013!



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