Importance of reading in your Mother Tongue

Many linguistic groups are becoming vocal about the need to ensure that the youngest membeReading in Portuguesers of their communities keep their linguistic heritage. Most researchers also agree that children benefit from reading in their mother tongue, even if it isn’t their language of instruction. That is one of the key guiding principles for our Language Policy and Library Guidelines h
ere at KIS.

There are important cultural and linguistic reason’s why regardless of how good one knows a second language, education in ones mother tongue can significantly improve the mental ability of students. Although sometimes we do not have access to formal Mother Tongue Education due to lack of resources or other reasons, we can always try to provide children access to books, audio books, and videos in their native language. Reading in Thai

We aim to address this issue in our weekly home learning grids by providing opportunities for students to discuss, find out, and reflect on their Unit of Inquiry in their Mother Tongue.



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