Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

ICT – What does it mean? (A very good source for defining ICT is a wikibook page:  ICT in Education/Definition of Terms)

You see the letters ICT everywhere – espeacially in education. But what does it mean? Read my brief introduction to this important and fast-changing subject. Should you be still interested and wanting to learn more, head over to my ICT pages for more in-depth tutorials and posts.

ICT is an acronym that stands for Information Communications Tecnology

However, apart from explaining an acronym, isn’t there a universally accepted definition of ICT? Why not? Because the concepts, methods and applications involved in ICT are constantly evolving on an almost daily basis. Its difficult to keep up with the changes – they happen too fast.

Lets focus on the three words behind ICT:


A good way to think about ICT is to consider all the uses of digital technology that already exist to help individuals, businesses and organisations use information.


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