Three Way Conferences a.k.a. Goal Settings

What are three way conferences at KIS?

Three way assessment provides a forum for teachers, students and parents to  acknowledge student progress and achievement.

In three way conferences students lead by explaining their learning achievements, as well as areas for improvement. This includes displays of student work across a Unit of Inquiries and Standalone subject areas across the first semester.

Three way conferences are an important avenue for involving parents and students in the learning process and help parents understand the learning and teaching and, assessment and reporting process. Here at KIS we emphasize the student’s role in these meetings, wherever possible it should be student who leads the discussion, not the adults. 

Three way assessment strategies and conferences have benefits for teachers, parents and schools. Some of these benefits are outlined in the table below.


  • Allows for shared responsibility of student learning, assessment and reporting

  • Flows naturally from work produced in class

  • Strengthens communication channels with parents about student’s learning and progress


  • Enhances self esteem by allowing them to share their learning opportunities in a positive environment

  • Critically involves students in self assessment and allows them to take responsibility for their own learning

  • Empowers students as they work toward and achieve syllabus outcomes


  • Increases their understanding of learning and assessment

  • Allows them to participate in the reporting process rather than merely responding to it

  • Provides evidence to support twice yearly written reports

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