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Student Led Confrences

WHAT ARE STUDENT LED CONFERENCES? Each year in the third term, you will have an opportunity to participate in a conference led by your child. Throughout the year, the students have developed a Student Portfolio that comprises samples of learning that they have selected as having an impact on their learning journey and of which they are proud of. Sharing this with your child is an essential part of the conference. It provides the students with an opportunity to explain their learning to you and share their accomplishments. Other activities will be available for you to share,  providing you with a glimpse of your  child’s life at school. WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? Your child will be in charge of the conference and knows what they want to show you. Your child is very excited about their presentation, but may be a little bit nervous as well. Please provide encouragement and positive feedback as your child proceeds. You will receive  some guiding questions which you may find helpful, please do not try to direct or control  the conference. Other children will be conducting conferences in the classroom at the same time. Please do not bring your other children and kindly switch off your mobile phones during the  conference, as your attention to your child’s presentation should not be interrupted. The classroom teachers will be around to facilitate and support the conferences should it  be needed, but please do not initiate conversation about your child. If you wish to confer with the teacher please set a meeting at another time. Above all enjoy your child’s work, share their strengths  as they show off the work they are so proud of.

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Is your child coming towards the end of his/her primary school days? The end of this academic year draws closer day by day. Our Grade 5 students have started their final unit of their Primary Years Programme: Transitions. For them this … Continue reading

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Dear Teachers and Parents, Here is an wonderful resource provided by NWEA  and Khan Academy Khan PDF 2-5 Feb_2016 This document correlates MAP® sub-goals and RIT ranges to Khan Academy® exercises. The Khan exercises are interactive problems for students with instant … Continue reading

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Getting ready for MAP

The MAP test is a standardized test that KIS uses to assess how well the students are retaining  and understand what they have been taught. Click here for more information about MAP testing. MAP Test Warmups (Google Chrome recommended) – … Continue reading

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