Is your child coming towards the end of his/her primary school days?

The end of this academic year draws closer day by day. Our Grade 5 students have started their final unit of their Primary Years Programme: Transitions. For them this is the end of school, end of an era. They will be building their understanding of what this means by  inquiring into various local and global rites of passage.

But we need to remember that it is not a rite of passage only for our students! Some of our parents are moving on as well. It can be time of mixed feelings, when they are leaving their homeroom and all project and home learning are over and they just has a few days left at school.  You can help by marking the change in some way. It is an important milestone, to transition from primary school and venture forth towards secondary school. Please make sure that you also mark it with your child in some way.

Sometimes these transitions go uncelebrated – and the opportunity for boosting your child is lost – perhaps at a time when they really need it, as they leave what they know and embark on something new.

We here at KIS we value this transition and support our students and parents as they move on. Mr. Dan and Mr Mike held a transitions coffee morning for G5 Parents today and will continue offer support for parents.

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