Curate Tech to support student understandings

How content providers can show their understanding of S-A-M-R?

I have been contemplating for some time now how to support teachers into embedding online content providers into their practice, how to move beyond Substitution and offer clear options for learners and facilitators to Modify and Redefinetheir learning experience. Here at KIS we offer two services for our students from KG to G5; namely Seesaw, IXL and Reading A-Z/Kids A-Z. My experience has been that teachers, students and parents have welcomed both products and indeed usage data does support this notion. However, my observations suggest that our learners aren’t using these products to their potential.


We have been caught up with the misconception of  that Enhancement happens without change in the pedagogy and practice. But how can we move beyond, what are the means and tools that we have in our use that will push our thinking towards new ideas and insights. Sometimes all that is needed is that the content providers create their products with workflow, UI, and support in a way that challenges and enables teachers to engage into pedagogical transformation instead just learning to use the product.


PD in Pyjamas
Seesaw – the digital portfolio and reflection tool – offers ongoing Professional Development to teachers, enabling best practices and content knowledge by webinars and presentations. Thus allowing individuals connect through social media eg Twitter to enhance and grow their Professional Learning Networks and engage in transforming their practice.

Join us for a hands-on, online training session and learn how to use Seesaw from the comfort of your couch. You’ll leave with teacher-tested tips and lesson ideas to use in your classroom tomorrow!

IXL has added a third option to view it’s Math content called recommendations, it offers personalized practice recommendations for each student, based on what the student has been practicing. In other words, the algorithm is already differentiating the course material and adjusting to students needs.

Ready to get started? Select your grade level to explore math topics IXL recommends for you to begin practicing, and click on any skill you’d like to try. IXL will take you to the skill and track your progress, and you’ll be able to win awards as you practice!

IXL and Learning A – Z also provide online webinars and customized streams for teachers to master their content. What these two lack is the PLN ambassador approach to create a movement of continuous best practice sharing amongst educators.

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