Planning and the PYP Planner

This is a resource posting for any teacher/school new to PYP, it includes resources, articles and graphical organizers from Making Thinking Visible,  influenced by Visible Learning, and of course from some of the best practices from here at KIS.

This is not meant not be a comprehensive or even a complete set but a collection of useful items that should help a candidate school or a new teacher to PYP, to organize their ideas and focus their planning.
You will find in the links that follow:

  • 14 PYP Pre-Panner F We use this Pre-Planner to ensure that all teachers will have a chance to contribute their ideas and gain an understanding of the Unit prior to collaborative planning
    Thinking Routines Matrix_V2 Using this concise matrix is very effective since it fits most strategies on one page, there is just the right amount of information for the teachers to make their decision of which Thinking Routine they could use.
  • 09__Curriculum_priorities We use this graphic organizer to ensure that all teachers have an understanding of our planning priorities, that we are aware where we can guide student inquiries and assist our facilitation.
  • BloomsRevisedTaxPlan To assist our planning to include the higher order thinking we have this Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy Planning Framework which helps us to diversify our planning.

These are pdf’s  so that in most cases it’s easy to print a single page as a guide for you to have on your desk in the classroom or in your planning meeting.

I hope some of you will find these useful.


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