MAP practice with Khan Academy

This week we have started to flipp our classroom and target some of domain specific skills with grade 4 and 5 students.

What we have done is that we have set all our students with a Khan Academy class with me as their Coach. We then correlate our MAP® sub-goals and RIT ranges to Khan Academy® exercises. The Khan Academy exercises are interactive problems for students with instant feedback, tutorials and targeted video lessons.

Having these exercises correlated to RIT ranges means tha students can use them in conjunction flexible individualized home learning and targeted skill practice. The exercises are also useful for targeting learning in each student’s zone of proximal development.

Our students are using as their portal page for this practice. I strongly encourage everyone to utilize this wonderful opportunity to enhance our student’s domain specific knolwedge and skills by allowing them practice and learn on their own pace with this material. (find out more)


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