Q& A 3-way Conferences

Question and Answer

Number one factor:

3-way conferences involve all stakeholders: the student, the teacher, and the parent. Our conferences are conducted to give the teacher and your child an opportunity to discuss their learning with you. Teachers and students reflect upon student work samples from the student’s portfolio and we set goals for the future.

What does this mean?

Three Way Conferences a.k.a. Goal Settings


Where will you go?

Depending on your child you could visit the following learning environment:

  • The homeroom classroom
  • Any specialist Learning Area

What happens during the conference?

Students and teachers will discuss and reflect on samples of work that they have chosen to share. These samples have been selected with guidance and support from the teacher and could be from the student’s portfolio. Some classrooms will also be set up with interactive learning activities so that your child can show you how they learn. As the majority of the talking is done by students, they do an incredible job reflecting on and verbalizing their reflections about their learning and themselves as learners. This way, parents get many valuable insights about their child’s learning.

What is a student portfolio?

A student portfolio is a record of a student’s progress in learning that demonstrates success, growth, higher order thinking, creativity, assessment strategies, and reflections. It is the celebration of an active mind at work.

What does a student portfolio look like?

This year we are starting to embrace the technology potential. So, a student portfolio may be a hard copy book, or folder containing student work. Depending on the grade level, students may also have an electronic portfolio. As this is a year of exploration and discovery our portfolios might look and feel very different from last year.


What do I do during the conference?

Please remember the main thing is to always be positive and encouraging.

These questions may be helpful when your child is showing you his/her portfolio.

  1. What are your goals this year?
  2. What have you learned this term?
  3. What would you like to learn that you do not already know?
  4. Are you proud of your portfolio?
  5. Which piece of work are you most proud of?
  6. Which area is difficult for you? Why?
  7. What makes you happiest at school?
  8. Which occurrences frustrate you at school?
  9. What would you like to accomplish by the end of this year?
  10. What are three things you hope to change in the future?
  11. How can I help you achieve your goals?

I’m a new parent, is there any new parent advice?

Your child will be ready to help you through this process together with the teacher. They are reflective and enthusiastic.


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