Welcome to Seesaw KIS Parents

I am very excited to share that our KG – G5 classes will be using an amazing app called Seesaw in which students can build online digital portfolios to share their learning in a safe and engaging way. Each child has their own journal where they can document their learning. Families are able to connect to their child’s journal at home to view the work they are doing.

Benefits of Seesaw:

  • Students take ownership of their learning, they have a choice to show what they know through pictures, video, voice recording, text, etc.
  • Provides an authentic audience for our students – they can share their “WOW work” with classmates, teachers, and their family.
  • Includes families in the learning process by providing easy to access, immediate updates, built-in translation tools, and an opportunity to comment on their child’s school work.
  • Safe online platform for students to share their work – the classroom teacher approves all student posts before they are shared, and families can only see work posted in their child’s journal.
  • Helps capture the learning process, encourages students to reflect on their understanding, and helps develop transdisciplinary and digital citizenship skills.

Please follow the instructions in your email or access the app through https://web.seesaw.me/parents/.

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