3 ways to amplify #stuvoice by embedding #edtech into instruction

We are a brand new #googleEDU school and having just finished my #GooglePD certification level 2. As a novice user of G-Suite, I was looking for some inspiration and guidance on how to effectively use these new tools in my use. Luckily I have a very knowledgeable #PLN on twitter and in no time I connected with awesome educators that are doing an amazing job of sharing their practice with others.  I wanted to highlight a couple of examples that inspire me to use #edtech to enhance voice and choice in my classroom: These wonderful examples are either directly available as templates from their authors’ website (links provided) or they are very easily tweaked to suit your needs. You should also follow these wonderful innovators on twitter:



Here are three tools in G-Suite for Education to empower your students’ voice and choice.


Here are samples of choice boards on steroids: with little scaffolding, you can end up having your students also creating the choices on the boards.


Tommy Spall has taken this strategy even further with:



The last example is a combination of

#googleforms and #googlesheets in #googleclassroom


I use this quite often as I want to ensure that every learner in my classroom has a voice and an opportunity to use it.

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