How-To: Using Seesaw for Conferences

Using Seesaw during student-led conferences

Student-led conferences are a great opportunity to introduce the versatility of Seesaw to staff, students, and parents 1

Here are the links for you to prepare your students and your Seesaw portfolio for the upcoming Student Led Conferences.



If you are interested in including your students in parent-teacher conference conversations, check out this wonderful step-by-step guide written by Seesaw Ambassador Andrea Birzer.

In addition to these fine tips you might want to consider:

  • use Seesaw to make their thinking visible and heard
  • a conference time is a great learning experience for the whole family – let’s use Seesaw to document and reflect on it
  • use Seesaw to support agentic learning by facilitating for forethought – building anticipation and criteria for reflection by
    • setting goals
    • action steps
    • planning the centers
Conferences with Seesaw. Seesaw. Accessed May 16, 2018.
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