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Collaborative Planning: G-Suite Tools

Using digital tools to improve planning We at KIS are very fortunate to have a curriculum development and reporting tool Managebac at our use. Managebac is developed directly to address our unique needs; transdisciplinary themes, units of inquiry, and reporting. I … Continue reading

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How-To: Using Seesaw for Conferences

Using Seesaw during student-led conferences Student-led conferences are a great opportunity to introduce the versatility of Seesaw to staff, students, and parents 1 Here are the links for you to prepare your students and your Seesaw portfolio for the upcoming Student Led Conferences. … Continue reading

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5 Mistakes we make (I made) with #Edtech

 We tend to celebrate and focus on our success stories on blogs and especially on social media–as we should, but sometimes a reminder of our challenges and mistakes is just as valuable. There are only two mistakes one can make along … Continue reading

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Kids A-Z Running records

I have published a new tutorial about running records, please take a look: Kids A-Z Here are links to KIDS A-Z info pages as well:

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