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From Substitution to Redefinition

Digitalization Digitalization has been a buzzword for an awhile now in education, so much in fact that it already is having a negative connotation as well. To me, it has always been rather empty, and I haven’t seen it to have … Continue reading

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Making Global Connections

Global Read Aloud During October KIS students have already been and will be making connections all around the globe. Our Upper-Grade School: G3 – 5 are reading The Wild Robot, our G2 is reading Fenway and Hattie and our younger … Continue reading

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ePortfolio; Reflections and Suggestions

Assessment in the PYP is guided by a variety of publications. The most important of course are MTPYPH, Standards and Practices, and Assessment in the PYP.  Support of the rationale to use portfolios as part of the Reporting and Assessed curriculum can … Continue reading

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