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SUMMER INSPIRATION 2016 offers a wide variety of day-camps. Each camp provides a safe environment for children ages 18 months-12 years to learn and grow under the direct supervision of qualified trained staff. To complement their day, children will receive individualized instruction, a daily snack; as well as participate in comprehensive activities.


KIS offers Beansprouts camp for toddler ages 18-36 months a positive comprehensive programme featuring multiple theme activities, sensory play, and outdoor activities. Your child(ren) will have a chance to interact, share, and play with other children of similar ages in a variety.

Little Explorers

Little Explorers offers preschool students ages 3-4 a play based learning programme in a safe, fun and creative learning environment. Your child(ren)’s day will be filled with games, stories, arts, and fun hands-on learning experience.

Junior Adventurers

Junior Adventurers is a fun on-site and off-site camp designed for primary school students for ages 5-12. They will participate in combined activities and explore different themes each week. Campers will enjoy excursions which relates to each week’s theme.

Who can join the Summer Inspiration 2016?

The language of instruction at the camp is English; however students of all English language ability levels can enroll. We welcome all children who are eager to take on new and exciting challenges to be part of our fun and creative learning environment. Children will enhance their confidence and spend their summer holiday’s learning and having a good time. Students who are currently attending other schools are certainly welcome to join Summer Inspiration.

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Please direct all inquiries to the SEA department at 02-274-3444 ext. 2102, 2110, 1106. All email communication can be made attention to kissummer@kis.ac.th.