Shuttle Bus Timetable

Shuttle bus schedule on Friday 13th December (School finishes half day)



New Shuttle Bus Schedule (Starts 28th October, 2019)

Beginning on 28th October, KIS will arrange 6 shuttle vans to accommodate the student travelling to/from the school.  The shuttle stop will be from the MRT Thailand Cultural Centre Station, Exit 2.  The shuttle timetable is provided below.


  1. Buses will now depart at given pick-up points at the stated time. This allows for precision planning on the part of the rider. 
  2. Buses will continue to be mixed (student, parents, staff) to keep the flexibility of the bus fleet at an optimum level UNLESS stated otherwise below. 
  3. The shuttle buses will not park in the car park as a rule. The buses will come into the car park before the designated departure time. Please note the signage indicating the time of departure on the bus wind shield.
  4. All passengers are required to sign their names on the sheet of paper provided by the bus driver.
  5. The timings and procedures will be closely monitored in the first few weeks in order to ensure the new system is working efficiently and so some minor changes may be made during that time.
  6. Primary students may not ride the shuttle on their own without ONE adult supervision. Secondary student can accompany younger primary sibling on the shuttle.