U12 Boys and U16 Boys Football Friendlies (Thursday 17th January)

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I am pleased to announce we will have a Football Friendly match for U12 Boys and U16 Boys (G7-U Boys and G10-U Boys) against Vidhya Sanskar School who are visiting Bangkok from Nepal this Thursday (17th January). Please note with the following friendly we would like to invite all boys from G7-U and G10-U teams.

Please note we would like all Grade 6s playing in the U12 game and for all G10-U Boys to play in U16 game, while Grade 7 boys will be split between the two teams. Please see the team list below for which Grade 7 students are playing in which age group. Students should wear their PE uniform or KIS Football uniform (if they have one) and during the game we will wear bibs. Please ensure your child brings long socks, shin guards and appropriate shoes. Please note we expect the U12 game to start at 3pm and the U16 to follow after at about 3:50pm. Your welcome to come and support your child.

U12 Boys U16 Boys
Bay G6 Victor G6 Kaan G7 Anfield G10
Caden G6 Aayush G7 Krish G7 Ankit G10
Joe G6 Jonah G7 Palm G7 Arthur G10
Korn G6 Ken G7 Richard G7 Prince G10
Krabane G6 Sitta G7 Viraj G10
Phoom G6 Albert G8 Zaim G10
Prin G6 Howard G9
Sebastian G6 Sanskar G9
Ty G6 Thunder G9


Coaching Schedule for Term 2

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We hope you have all had a wonderful winter break! Please be reminded that the Sports Coaching Program will resume at the start of Term 2 (January 7th). Please note there have been a couple minor changes to the coaching schedule and you can see the full coaching schedule for both Primary and Secondary below (READ CAREFULLY). You can also see the location of each training session using the key. With the start of the new Term, we will have our new Sports Hall in full use and we have given preference to teams who are “On-Season”.

SWIM PARENTS – Firstly please note that if you have yet to do so, please complete the survey regarding which swim training option you would like (Click here). At this time our new Coaching Pool is not yet 100% ready and therefore for the time being all training sessions will remain in our current pool. As soon as our new pool is ready we will move our all training session (except for development) to it and will inform you via SMS.

Primary Coaching Schedule:

Primary Coaching Schedule - T2

Secondary Coaching Schedule:

Secondary Coaching Schedule - T2

Location Key:

Location Key


KIS Coaching Programme Will Resume on Monday 7 January, 2019!

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Merry X’Mas and Happy New Year!

Stay fit and see you back on Monday 7 January, 2019.

Have a good holiday!

From SEA team and KIS Sports

AISAA Battle of the Bands 2019

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Dear Parents,

We are delighted to be hosting the 2nd AISAA annual “Battle of the Bands” (BoB) competition again on  Tuesday 19th March 2019.  AISAA’s Battle of the Bands will be categorized into 3 age groups (Primary G2-5, Lower Secondary G6-8 and High School G9-12) with schools allowed to enter a maximum of two bands per age group. The eldest member of the group will determine which age group they will be competing in.

KIS has always had very talented Bands who have always put competitive performances together for competitions. We will, therefore, like to give you this early notice that we are looking to run auditions for KIS’s Lower Secondary and High School. We hope this will allow students to begin forming their bands and possibly begin practicing over the Winter Break. Please note that KIS will not be creating any of the groups and that students must form their own groups and create their own Bands.

We will confirm the audition dates in a Sport’s Blog post at the start of the term but please note the audition will be held sometimes in early March 2019. This letter will also include the criteria that will be used by judges to mark student’s performances.  Our band room facilities will be available should your child need space for practicing but please note due to popularity, especially when it is time of the competition, we require that students book the band room on a weekly basis only. The band room is open for booking between student break times and after school from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to what will hopefully be another successful year for KIS’s Bands.


Best Regards,

Sam Holloway
Athletics Manager

Protected: ANS Sprint Challenge 2019

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Protected: Prep Puppy Cup 2019

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Primary Badminton Trial Results

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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting the results of the trial for the Primary Badminton team and I have gone through the result with Coach Art. It is always a great inspiration to see many students attempted their best and this had made selections for the squad even more difficult. To students who weren’t select, Coach Art provided feedback about common areas for students to improve in. For the G3-U students, this was mostly their serves and returns and for older students, they were not looking to change their returns (play long or short) and the movement of their feet (such as return to middle of the court after returns). We would encourage your child to continue playing badminton whether this is through your support at home or with an outside provide. Additionally Coach Art runs a After school Badminton Club which you are welcome to sign-up for next term to help your child build their skills.

Please see the final team selection below and congratulations to those who were selected:

G3-U Boys G3-U Girls
Team Sub Team Sub
Ben G2 Vudh G2 Bew Bew G2 Olivia G2
Rew Rew G2 Gordon G3 Pim Pim G3 Petch G3
Divyen G3 Pim Pe. G3
Lucas G3


G5-U Boys G5-U Girls
Team Sub Team Sub
Alex G5 Jiaxing G4 Good G5 Jill G4
Poon G5 Phip G4 Proud G5 Ninny G4
Shane G5 Namo G5
Te Te G5 Vivian G5

A quick reminder that we are only allowed to take a total of 4 Boys and 4 Girls for each age group to the competition. Therefore please note Coach Art and myself agreed to have each team split into “Team” and “Sub” whereby students under “Team” will be apart of the main squad to go and compete. “Sub” will be used for either 1) players that Coach Art needs further time to decide who he would like to take to the competition or 2) should a “Team” student be sick on the day, we will select from our subs. This allows our “Sub” students to continue to build their skills with the rest of the team and be a replacement we would be confident in their skills.


Please note training will start as soon as we come back from the winter break and will be in the new Sports Hall. Every Thursday will be for G5-U and Fridays for G3-U. Please note for Phip G4, Alex G5 and Poon G5 while the Football season is on, please attend Football Training on Thursday and Coach Art would like your child to join G3-U on Fridays. Students do not need to change for training. Additionally we will provide rackets but your child is more then welcome to bring their own.

Please be reminded that the G5-U Badminton Tournament is schedule to happen on 2nd May at Concordian. G3-U will likely be on a Saturday and we will inform you of the date as soon as it is confirm. Closer to the date we will remind you as well as give further details about the event and what to wear.

I very much look forward to seeing the students progress under Coach Art. Happy holidays!

G10-U and Varsity Basketball Workshop

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Dear G10-U and Varsity Basketball Parents,

With our new Sports Hall opening at the beginning of the term, we are very much excited ahead of the Basketball season for both age groups and genders using the new facilities. To ensure we have a hot start to the season we would like to run a Basketball Workshop the first Saturday we come back, January 12th 2019. Our new Sports Hall will have two 2 basketball courts and with this we plan to run 3-hour workshops on a full court for both age groups and Genders. We plan to have both Varsity Boys and Girls workshop to run from 9am-12pm and both G10-U Boys and Girls run from 12pm-3pm. KIS will provide snacks and drinks for both sessions.

While the workshop is not mandatory, we would highly recommend your child attend to ensure they are ready like their team mates to start the season. However if you know your child will not be able to attend, please notify either myself (sam@edu.kis.ac.th) or Coach Oh (rattapon.bo@edu.kis.ac.th).

Additionally should you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you for your continued support!

-Coach Sam

Changes/Additions to Swim Coaching Training Schedule

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Dear Swim Parents,

Firstly thank you for your continued support of the KIS Swim Program, especially your support in getting your child on time to morning training. I, and certainly Coach Peter, are excited to start the new Term in our new Competitive pool and I would like to share a few details regarding this and some changes/additional to our training schedule.

New Aquatics Centre!

The state of the art aquatics centre will be due to open in January 2019. The new competitive pool is situated above the parking lot between our Arts & Design building and our new Sports Hall. The pool is 8 lanes, 25m long and 2m deep with a standing ledge going all the way round (for students to stand on when receiving coaching instructions). The pool will also have 8 Starting blocks, Touch Pads, official Lane ropes and a digital display board for times. With all of this, we are confident this will help take our swim program to the next level as we can work on dives and record & work on student’s times with the touch pads.

Changes/Additions to Training Schedule

Development Squad:

As previously mentioned mid-way through the term, we will be removing the Thursday’s training session and be moving this to Saturday to ensure no further clashes between classes. Please note Saturday training will run from 8:00am till 8:50am in the Primary pool (above the nurses office). Depending on how students development goes, we may look to move this to the new pool later in the year, however we will notify you if we do change pools. Please see the new training schedule for the Development Squad for the rest of the school year below:

  • Wednesdays – 7:00am – 7:40am in the Primary Pool
  • Saturdays – 8:00am – 8:50am in the Primary Pool


Squad A&B:

Coach Peter and myself are fully aware that sometimes there are difficulties in getting to school on time for morning sessions and the rush for Secondary student to get on class on time. While it has been fine for the time being that those student have sought additional training outside with other providers, we would like our students to make their training more specific with KIS swim program only. This should help to avoid any confusion with different teacher styles or swim technique which can sometimes harm student development. With this in mind we will be adding a Saturday Morning (9:00am – 10:00am) session for those who are struggling to make the weekday morning session and in order to ensure attendance we will be doing a survey.

Firstly please note the following survey is for all swimmers except the Development squad and will look to clarify which morning option your child would like to take. Afternoon Swimming on Mondays & Fridays are still mandatory for Primary students and Secondary students having the exception to miss one of these lessons for other sports or necessary tutor classes. Before clicking on the survey link, please note that which ever option you pick you will be expected to attend these sessions for the remainder of the school year, barring illness or valid excuse (please email me or Coach Oh of your absences, sam@edu.kis.ac.th & rattapon.bo@edu.kis.ac.th). In the Survey there will be two multiple choice questions, one for both Squad A and the other for Squad B with each question having 5 options. Please see the option below and “visually” the options at the very bottom of the post.

  1. Keep your original morning training date (one morning training session)
  2. Change to Saturdays 9:00am – 10:00am (one morning training session)
  3. Keep your original morning and add Saturdays (two morning training sessions)
  4. Your child is passionate about swimming and would like to keep their original morning, join the other squad on their weekday morning session and join Saturdays (three morning training sessions)
    • Please note if you select this option, please make sure your child is keen for this, we do not want any of our swim students to burn out or lose their passion for swimming. I will be confirming with students that this is there choice if this option is selected.
  5. I am in the other Squad
    • Please note I am making it mandatory for all questions to be answered in the survey, therefore if this is not your squad please ticket this answer and officially answer your squad appropriate question.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me

To answer the survey, please click here. Please respond to the survey before Wednesday 19th December. If I do not receive a response I will assume your child is staying with their current morning training (option 1).


Squad A Options - Blog

Squad B Options - Blog

Primary Athletics Friday 7th December @Berkeley

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Firstly congratulations to the students who have been selected to compete in this year’s Primary Athletics.

When, Where, Bus?

Please note the main event will be taking place next Friday 7th December and will be hosted at Berkeley from 8:30am till 2pm. The bus will be leaving school at 7:15am sharp to allow students to settle in as well as give us plenty of time for warm-up. Please ensure your child arrive at school 5-10 minutes before to ensure the bus can leave on time. Please note for bus students, we will not provide an earlier route into school, you must make your own way into school to make it in time for the bus.

What does your child need to bring? Uniform?

Firstly if your child does not have one yet, they may come to the SEA store to pick up a KIS “TEAM” shirt. Additionally if your child’s current TEAM shirt is too small they may swap (bring in the old one). Students should wear PE shorts and trainers with the TEAM shirt. Your child should bring a water bottle, sun cream and hat. Your child does not need to bring any snacks, we will provide plenty of drinks, snacks and lunch.

Students Events:

Please see students events below.

Primary Event List