Primary Trial Results: Football & Swimming

Posted by Sam on August 24, 2019

Firstly thank you to all the Students who have signed-up and tried out for Primary teams over the last week. It is always a great inspiration to see so many students attempted their best. With the vast number of students of which almost all of them being equally talented, final team selection this year for our coaches was very difficult.

Please see students who were selected for each team on the “KIS Coaching Teams” page. Please note you will need to use the password sent out in the SMS in order to final teams. If you see your child’s name on the GoogleSheet, congratulations, your child has been selected for that team. Please be reminded that all training will starts next week from Monday 26th August. If you need a reminder of the training schedule, please see below.

Primary Coaching Schedule 1

If you do not see your child’s name under the sport and age group they tried out for, I am afraid this means your child was not selected. Further details about what areas you can look to improve on can be seen below but please note these points are not student specific.


  • Can you swim all 4 strokes?
    • Technique: We are not too concerned with your time/speed but rather are you using the correct technique. It is harder to rebuild your technique then to increase your time/speed.
  • Showing correct technique in as many strokes as possible
  • Stamina



G3-U Boys:

Students still have the continuation of their trials next week, final results announced Friday 30th August

G3-U & G5-U Girls:

Please note both Coach Marc (G3-U) and Coach Nong (Chelsea – G5-U) have decided due to numbers and the ability shown by girls to not cut any girls from the team. Please note this means that for game select there will be some students who won’t be selected for games. Both Coaches will look to do their best to ensure all students get game time but I (Coach Sam) will be looking for friendlies throughout the school year to allow all students to play.

G5-U Boys:

Due to the Boys’ season not starting till January, Coach Ben has decided that he would like to continue working with all of the boys till November before making his final selection. Through training and friendlies Coach Ben will look to get a better idea of the ability of our boys. Please note we will not be giving out KIS Football uniform to students until a final selection has been made and we ask that students wear their KIS PE uniform for any future friendlies.

Swimming Coaches Profile:

I would like to introduce our two new Swim Coaches who joined KIS over the summer. First our new Aquatics Head Coach, Mr Sathit Hongthong (Coach Tuk) who holds a bachelor’s and masters in Sports Science as well as certificates with FINA, Elite Coach, and many more. Coach Sathit started coaching swimming as a head coach CYC Swim club for 10 years before joining Ruamrudee International School as Varsity Head Coach. While working there Coach Sathit slowly moved his skills towards the Thai national team as he took over Chulalongkorn’s Swim club as Head Coach. Over the past 5 years Coach Sathit has traveled to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Portugal and many countries with the national team. Coach Sathit now looks forward to bring his coaching to KIS and helping our swimmers to further their technique & speed as well as KIS overall Swim Program.

Our Assistant Coach is Miss Kate Sangsumritphon who holds a Bachelor and Master in Science as well as FINA Open water Coaching and Level 1 Coaching from Thailand Swim Association. While Coach Kate did not start coaching in Swimming at the start of her career, her love and passion for swimming brought her to pursue her career in swimming. She has worked with younger children through The Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC) in different sports. She then moved to Chulalongkorn where she continued to work with younger students and started coaching Swimming.


Finally please note that over the next two weeks we will be preparing KIS coaching uniforms and handing them out to the students. Once your child receives their uniform, if it is too big or too small, please come to the KIS shop to exchange it. If a student’s uniform is lost or damaged, you will need to purchase a new one.

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