Swim Coaching Update (Coaches, Morning training Primary, KIS Gala, future events)

Posted by Sam on September 20, 2019

Dear Swim Coaching Parents,

Firstly, please may I ask that you read this entire post CAREFULLY. There have been a lot of issues with our Sports letters and posts not being read carefully. Please note in this post I would like to share with you some details regarding morning training for Primary, KIS Gala (in house) and future events we plan to attend this year. Firstly please click HERE to read about some new coaches we have supporting our Primary Coaching.

Primary Morning Training:

Coach Sathit and his team have been using the first few weeks to continue their assessment of all the swimmers and have been slowly allocated students to A, B, and C squads. With these three squads, we will be allocating a morning training session for each one, where Coach Sathit and Coach Kate can focus the training of these morning sessions. Squad A will be on Tuesdays, Squad B Thursdays and Squad C on Wednesdays with all morning coaching starting at 6:50am (STUDENTS IN THE POOL BY 6:50AM) and will finish at 7:30am.

We will be starting morning swimming the week of September 30th (first lesson for Squad A 1st Oct, Squad C 2nd Oct, Squad B 3rd Oct). Please note all morning Coaching will be at the Aquatics pool with the Sports hall being open from 6:35am for students to go change. Students must go to their allocated Squad day and can NOT pick their morning training. SEA will be providing students with breakfast after training. Please see squads below:

Primary Squad A, B, C

New Parents, please note we introduced morning swim training 3 years ago with great success. Thanks to morning swimming we found our swimmers were developing quicker and setting better times. While some students will initially find it quite difficult, once in the routine and they build up their strength it will be easier as the year goes on.

KIS Gala Saturday 12th October

As part of the further development of our swim program, we would like to start running “in house” (only KIS students) Galas for our Coaching Team (G1-U, G3-U, G5-U, G7-U, G10-U, Varsity). We plan to host one at the beginning and end of the academic year. The first one we plan to have on Saturday 12th October from 9am-12pm (8:30am warm-up). These events will be mandatory for all swimmers as it will allow us to help track your child’s progress and ensure all of our swimmers are developing smoothly. It will also allow you to see your child’s time improvements.

Additionally please note we will be using this event to make our selection for the upcoming “ISB Swimfest”. We plan to take a squad specific team to this event and if you would like your child to be considered, it is important they come to set a time. ISB requires that all students have “times” when entering the competition.

Future Events

While we would like to take all our swimmers to every event, some events have limits regarding how many students we may enter. Additionally, the style of competition won’t suit certain levels as well as we may feel your child needs further development before competing. Please see the full list of competitions we plan to attend this year, please make sure you keep these dates free in case your child is selected. We will be sending out a post about selected students, their events and further details about each event 3-6 weeks before.

  • Thursday 3rd October: AISAA Secondary Meet @ Concordian. We will look to take all swimmers if possibly but please note we are limited to 2 swimmers per event. Please note this is a friendly meet and no medals will be given out.
  • Saturday 12th October: KIS Gala #1. KIS students only
  • Tuesday 29th October: AISAA Primary Meet @ KIS. Selected Squad as we are limited to two swimmers per event. Please note this is a friendly meet and no medals will be given out.
  • Saturday & Sunday 9th&10th November: ISB Swimfest @ISB. A selected squad of 40-60 students
  • Saturday 7th December: Prep Puppy Cup @ Prep Primary Campus (Sukhumvit 53). This is a development swim meet and will be for still developing/new swimmers and our G1-U Development team.
  • Saturday 15th February: ANS Sprint Challenge @Amnuay Slipa. We will be planning to enter our entire team if possible. We have won trophies for 4th (2019) and 5th (2018) place at our last two visits.
  • Saturday & Sunday 30th February & 1st March: STA Marlin Mayhem. A selected squad of 30-40 students
  • Sunday 15th March: AISAA Secondary Gala @ Berkeley. We will be limited to 1 student per event, therefore we will be taking a specific squad.
  • Tuesday 5th May: AISAA Primary Gala @ KIS. We will be limited to 1 student per event, therefore we will be taking a specific squad.
  • Saturday 16th May: KIS Gala #2. KIS students only and we will have a small party to wrap up the school year



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