Wolves in AISAA: September 2019 Edition

Posted by rattapon.bo on September 23, 2019

Here are some updates from our KIS teams in AISAA and friendly matches during September 2019. Basketball and volleyball teams have been continuing their competitions with better and satisfying results meanwhile football teams started their season with  a very good outcome.

Results from previous matches are below.

G5-U Boys Basketball  vs Concordian 29-16    vs Wells 24-10

G5-U Girls Basketball  vs Concordian 18-5   vs Wells 10-14

G7-U Boys Basketball   vs Wells 32-12   vs Anglo Singapore 30-36

G7-U Girls Basketball    vs Wells 18-6   vs Anglo Singapore 14-21

G10-U Boys Basketball   vs Anglo Singapore 29-64

G10-U Girls Basketball   vs Anglo Singapore 15-27

G10-U Boys Football       vs Wells 5-3   vs Concordian 1-3

G10-U Girls Football       vs Berkeley 2-5

Varsity Boys Football       vs KMIDS 3-0

Varsity Boys Volleyball    vs  Ekamai 1-2   vs MUIDS 2-0

Varsity Girls Basketball    vs MUIDS 0-2


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